MvC/MvC2 Remix Game (Download Link Here)

So I see that the CvS2 Remix posted is pretty popular, and so here you go, this is an MvC styled game. I’m a regional tournament player in MvC/MvC2, so for me to make/play this game, I was very critical and picky about what characters went in. This game has what you would want out of a new MvC game.

The authors of each of these characters included have the greatest respect from me for making an “accurate” copy or in some cases, an accurate original creation for the MvC style of gameplay. Each character has full aerial raves/super combos and is compatible with every other character. The custom/original characters are the same way. I have made some velocity fixes to certain characters to make them more compatible. I’ve also adjusted stages to have proper scrolling for MvC gameplay during super jumps/air combos.

Things to Note:

  1. Magneto is the only MvC2-style controlled character (4-button support). This is due to how I like to play him.

  2. The second wolverine is the Boneclaw version, and it is slightly buggy, but still plays very well overall.

  3. The normal Ryu plays MvC1 style, and has a slight bug in Ken/Akuma mode, while working perfectly in Ryu mode. See if you can figure out what the bug is.

  4. The Arcade Mode of this game is VERY DIFFICULT. I am a tournament level player, so it suits my needs. I don’t suggest it to amateurs, but if you’re close to tournament level, give it a shot. If you beat it (I can beat it, just barely), let me know–something to take pride in. There is one “overpowered” character in here, that is just in here for fun, named Angel Ryu. Beating anything with him does not count.

  5. 43 amazing characters, knock yourself out.


  1. Download the file from megaupload.

  2. Unzip. Go to the folder you unzipped it to.

  3. Run the “Shortcut to Winmugen,” do NOT run Winmugen.exe. There is a command line addition in the shortcut to add the screenpack. Once again, run the “SHORTCUT TO WINMUGEN,” not Winmugen.exe" or you’ll get some warped version of the select screen probably.

  4. Bind your keys in options, they are currently bound to my Gravis Gamepad Pro, so nothing will work unless you change them for joystick, or simply use keyboard.

Without further ado, here’s the link (not too big, 238 MB):

The password for the archive is: mvc


Edit: Quick note, if you want to bind all 3 punches/kicks to one button, download a program called joy2key (google it) and bind the buttons on your gamepad to the keyboard bindings in mugen. So 3 keyboard keys corresponding to punches/kicks to the buttons in joy2key.

If you want to fight an AI in training mode, press the “Pause” key on your keyboard and then set the Dummy to AI in options. If you want to fight without the full super meters and instant recharge in training mode, read the next paragraph.

If you want to play a specific character’s AI normally and don’t want to play the whole arcade mode, go to your data folder, open the mugen.cfg file in notepad, hit ctrl+f for find, find “debug keys” and set allow debug keys to 1 to turn it on. Then go into watch mode, and I think the command is Ctrl 1 to play as the first guy, Ctrl 2 to play as the second guy, in watch mode. If you don’t hit anything both are cpu controlled. Also you gotta hit Ctrl 1 or Ctrl 2 before the match starts, when it says Round 1.

Video Link: [media=youtube]oK_wrZR82N4[/media] (Anti-climactic, sound desyncs due to compression, but it’ll give you an idea, two AI vs. AI battles)

im downloading it now, hopefully its as good as cvs2 remix

You all are crazy… STOP TAKING UP SPACE ON MY HARD DRIVE.:annoy:


EDIT: Ummm… so this is Marvel vs Capcom… So why is there a Wonder Woman character?:rofl:

She’s made in the MvC style, her combos, her supers, all compatible. But yeah, she’s DC, I know. What does it matter, great character imo. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: I suggest you watch the following matches in watch mode to see some new additions to the characters and how the combos work, since the AIs are very strong:

Evil Ryu vs. Wolverine (Adamantium Claws, 1st row)
Morrigan vs. Bulleta
Gouki vs. Thor
Wonder Woman vs. Ingrid

On another note, there are a number of characters (maybe around 6 or 7 out of 43) do not have AI which I deemed good enough to put them in the Arcade Mode, so if you go up against them in Training or Watch Mode, don’t expect much.

coughWhere is Batman?cough

Lol, why is Dark Hadou Sakura such a beast?

I like the background in character select. Its damn nice. So far I’m not having any problems. Controls respond great, combos flow nicely. The game froze but I know I pressed something that caused it so it’s not the game. Nice music selection. It’s fun. This helps me out since my laptop can’t read CDs so I need to DL games to play.

while i cannot say its better than cvs2 remix. I can say it isnt bad at all. Ingrid combos are too beastly

youtube match videos?

That Sakura is actually one of the weakest of the AI characters…Dark Sakura is just a mode switch, uses a super meter.

Gonna post a small vid soon, it’s upping to youtube as we speak. Unfortunately the matches weren’t that climactic, and the sound desyncs a bit (first time capping gameplay, i don’t know how to make it perfect). Actually the uncompressed vid is fine, just when I used vdub to compress it messed up the sound desync only in the last minute or so though. But it’ll give you a good idea of what the game looks like, and how some of the AIs are.

Video Link: [media=youtube]oK_wrZR82N4[/media]

on it…

Downloading now…thanks for putting this up. I have struggled with doing a good Marvel game. I’m glad you were inspired from the CVS2: ReMix game I put together. I’m sure this game of yours will be pretty damn awesome.

Again, thank you!

Is Deadpool in it?

Here’s hoping for Thor…but from the video I’ve seen it looks like there is room for lots of characters you can add.

Azumdal: Are all the stages in your game super jump ready?

Yep, all have super-jump, full superjump, not partial either. Also floor tension/vertical follow has been tweaked for every stage to be optimal for MvC style play.

Hey I want to add more characters, how do I do that? Unzip to char folder?

And man Cyc has a hell of a SA!!! 45 hits into a big ass Optic Blast?! From watching Cyc use it there seems to be a angle issue with getting the Optic blast finish to hit. He landed it on Sakura, did the launch but the blast whiffed. Is there some way to make the blast guaranteed? And lol and the invinciblity frames… What it is 80f+ of invincibility?

There’s a reason why Cyclops isn’t in the arcade mode. =P

To add more characters, put the characters folder in the chars directory, then go to the data directory, then coruscation directory, and open the select.def file in notepad. Delete a “blank” line and type this:

characterfoldername, random, order=10

You can put a stage for your character instead of the random by typing stages/stagename.def (put the stage files in the stages folder, or assign one that already exists), and if you want him to appear in the arcade mode, give him an order of 1-5. At the bottom of the select.def file, where it says Arcade.Maxmatches, increase the number for the order by 1. If it’s at 10, don’t change anything, and he won’t appear. If you want him at level 1 (the first characters you encounter in arcade mode, increment the first number by 1. So here’s an example of what it would look like. Say you were adding a character named Ken, with a stage named USA_boat, and you wanted him to appear in the second part of the arcade mode:

You’d make this entry: Ken, stages/USA_boat.def, order=2

At the bottom, if the Arcade Maxmatches says 5, 5, 4, 2, 1 --> you’d increment the second number to 6: so it looks like 5, 6, 4, 2, 1. Now he’ll appear with the second order of characters in the arcade mode, or after you fight 5 level 1 matches, he has a chance to appear.

Thanks. I’m gonna put in Sent.:rofl:

wow this game is FULL of inf’s lol

Is Gambit missing a SA? I can’t do his Cajun Explosion at all. Royal Flush is there.

Yeah he doesn’t have Cajun Explosion. It’s because that Gambit is actually from a sister game, X-Men vs. Street Fighter, in which he didn’t have the move.

i thought he was from MVC2. That means alll the buffs he got in MVC2 isn’t in this game? And for some reason I’m having difficulty pulling off Cajun Slash. Dunno why; I can pull off SRk’s with Akuma/Cyc/Wolverine easy.

And what’s the command for Cyc’s 150+ hit combo? And I’m lovin me some Wonder Woman.