MvC / SFA3 sign ups (tournament phase 1)

Rules will be posted later.
As for now, I just want to see who’s interested. Just casual for fun tournament.

Nobody will want to join a Casual for fun tournament :confused:

it wont work expecially when you have no real idea or plan of what you are doing

But if good players end up joining your Alpha tourny (Ryu, Slide, Webbie, Big5, ChrisRedfield, sffan, whoever) then count me in

I’ll enter just to see where I stack up in scrub area.

Me too.

Alright I think I’ll give it a shot.

If this one works, count me in.

Sounds good, I’m in.

Last time people tried this it was a nightmare, but hell I’m ALWAYS up for A3.

Je jouerai.

what emulator? I hope its winkawaks…

i’ll go

guys please post for what game
also I will have rules and everything. Most of my tournaments have ran well with the exceptation of one tournament here (ssf2) that was caused of my absence to the tournament. That won’t happen here :slight_smile:

in for both to see how bad I lose this time. :slight_smile:

This needs to be done in 1 day, and not over months like the SSF2 tourny

For both games I meant.

mvc and a3

I’m not joining this.

Btw anyone planning on hosting real A3 tourney anytime soon? Though, it’d still be kinda bad for me since most of the active A3 vets are east coasters (save maybe 5 and sffan.), but it’d be nice.

A3 is all I shall enter cause I can’t do shit in mvc.

I’ll do both for the hell of it.