MvC Strider/Lilith Help!

Ok, I need some help playing Strider/Lilith, I’m VERY new to the game, and I play it online on Kailerra. According to some of you guys the online scene is weak. I personally, think that’s wrong. As can be proven by playing SSF2 on zbattle (DGV, JSJ, nok, Atmos), they are NOT weak. Anyhow, I’m not here to argue about online gaming, I’m here to learn how to play Strider/Lilith. Any kind of help will do, combos, general strategies, just about anything will do. Also, I’m completely green and I don’t know any of the terms. Make everything real simple :). I know which button is what, I know general format for combos/moves. I don’t know, abbreviations for moves and such.

So, will anybody give me general tips to beat the players on Kail.

There’s got to be someone that knows about this game!

Trying to tell me nobody plays this?

Talk to me on AIM under chaosnightwolf. I play often and Ill try and help you out.