MvC TE PS3 will not register right input


So my TE stick is not registering the Right input at all.

Here is what I have done so far to troubleshoot:
I put the TE circuit board with the microswitches and connected it with my SE. It works perfectly.
I put another TE circuit board into mine and it did not register the right as well.

So what is the problem most likely?
The wire connecting the PCB to the Stick or the PCB itself?


Let me get this straight before I go further.
1st TE PCB works, but the 2nd one does not.

If you got a multimeter or any other kind of continuity tester test the wiring harness going to the Joystick at both ends.
Also test the switch that supposed to register when you move the stick right.

Tip, move the stick to the right first, then look at which switch being activated and test that switch.
Also if you can test the PCB on the stick it self.


I don’t have a multimeter.

I took the circuit board that has the microswitch attached from the broken one and put it in my working SE Stick. The right direction microswitch worked.

Then I put the working SE circuit board with the microswitches and tested it in my broken TE and the right direction did not work.

I hope that clears it up. I am thinking it may be the wire because the solder points look okay.