Mvc te stick to sf4 layout

I have already swapped the wires internally to have it sit in the SF4 layout, but my problem is the turbo LEDs.

in order to have the display correctly, which wires would i have to re-solder?
(i know, using turbo is stupid, but it’s a pet peeve of mine).

to clarify, because i rotated the wires clockwise, the turbo LED’s still read them in their normal positions.

you are gonna risk fucking up your stick over something that minuscule?

Personally, I would try to get one from somebody who doesn’t use theirs on a regular TE and just swap it out(i.e. from someone who got a no turbo plexi from Art.)

I think you will have to re route the traces on the Turbo PCB. I really think you should leave well alone, unless you feel comfortable scraping off traces and using 30 gauge wire to reroute the paths going to the anodes of the the leds.

sounds like its way more trouble then it’s worth. thanks guys.