MvC War Machine combo video (The War Machine Show)


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that was some hotness

Right on…the simple transitions worked nice…and the song sets the tone…

Whats the name of the song anyway?

The name of the song is Monochrome (Keith Litman’s Big City Vocal Mix) from Ayumi Hamasaki ‘A’ album.

honestly it is hard to execute that LONG COMPLETE SET of combos …starting at 03:32

the last part is dope and awesome …

P.S god damn , evo should have the whole marvel-capcom game series for tournament … but it will be a long tiring tournament .

Making the longest combo with WM almost killed me… I was trying and trying… for hours and eventually I did it (I could not rest untill I’ve completed the combo).

nice man i likes…:smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

OMFG! just when you think you seen everything when it comes to vs game, someone allways comes along and suprises you. damn that vid was crazy. Definately one of my favorites of all tme.

Nice job on the combo video MotM, I can tell you really worked hard on it.

A lot of the WM combos were just sick.

Keep comboing bro. =]


Very hot…nice editing


Nice job on those combos bro. They seemed very impossible to the max! Keep it up :wink: Theres more Don’t lose your talent

Thanks alot guys, I did my best :slight_smile:

always wanted to know this… how do u do that warmachine infinite? the one that look like this:
air combo, fly [jab, strong, up+fierce]
can’t do anything after i do fierce, is there some secret or something?

you have to cancel fierce with 3x punch, also known as All Punches. Then you can execute the entire serie again. A full fly infinite is harder but not impossible. Hit opponent 6x with jab, strong, u+fierce. After the last fierce, do another fierce. At this point, your time to fly runs out and will have to activate fly again. So reactivate fly right after the last fierce. This might be harder on bigger and small characters, works well on med. chars.

lol, ic… i thought it was like sentinel’s fast fly for a sec, like jab, strong, fierce, unfly, fast fly, etc… so this is basically cancelling the firce with an airdash… does it matter which direction the airdash goes? like u/f or f

UF+fierce works best, in corner you can leave the F but also needs to be done to get closer to your opponent.

Nice shit man. Best MvC vid I’ve seen in a while.

that shit was hot… .nice vids man… .

dude, war machine is the real shit. ironman is just a wannabe :smiley:

do you happen to play Blackheart/Akuma or Hulk on MSHvsSF?