Mvc1, a3, x vs sf, & msh vs sf match thread

Its simple children, I can say I’m decent at each game, but good in mvc1. So if you guys wanna play me my s/n is the same as on here, I go to the dar addictz godweapon server

Hey i like to play you my AIM is FalconMcfox.

im always willing to throw down in msh vs sf, never said im good but i do oh so love sak

1 brother likes playing afemanine men, the other likes playing little girls :clap: :rofl:

I hope to meet you boleslaw :tup:

if this thread is still active, i’m game. i’m Mark Beast [Empire Arcadia] on kawaks/kailera. if you see my name just ask for a game. i’m motoki imawano or markxbeast on aim.

Id be down for some mvc matches on weeknights or weekends.

ey fuck it ill be on either jinsters server or godweapons server. Ill be hosting super turbo for anyone who wants to play.

ey what time do you guys get on to play???

i’m up for A3. When we playin?