MvC1: Golden War Machine

I was just wondering if he has any decent combos (given that he’s slower than the regular WM) or any tactics other than keep away.

He’s a fucking cheap bastard!:mad: DON’T BOTHER

Good combos if you land a solid hit:

j.knee dive -> j.dn+fierce V d.s.short -> s.forward xx shoulder cannon or c.rh
d.short -> c.strong -> s.roundhouse ^ sj.jab -> sj.strong -> sj.up+fierce xx shoulder cannon (you can also smart bomb, it won’t combo, but will force a move from your opponent).

He counters red venom.

isn’t he supposed to counter just about everybody?

From what I heard Captain Commando and Hulk counters him. Maybe regular War Machine too.

I would use him more but duo attack kills him.

Thanks Dasrik for the combos. :slight_smile:

Puhlease :rolleyes:

Did you even read the sticky? >>

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megaman counters gold warmachine, if you use him right.

Always make sure that GWM is the first one to die on your team.

Solo GWM isn’t bad BUT you lose a big part of your defensive options (tagging out). If Chun-Li catches you in a puffball (which shouldn’t happen but does anyways) and you can’t tag out, then you’re pretty much screwed.

No he doesn’t. The thing about GWM is the so-called common knowledge “counter characters” to him only work if GWM turtles. If GWM plays aggressively (ie. jump forward bugzapper), MM, WM and Chun-Li die. As for Hulk and Commando, they only work if you trade blow for blow and manage to kill GWM before he can call a duo. Chances are, you won’t.

I was PhotonRA_2k1 before that account mysteriously stopped working.


Who’s a good partner for GWM? Aside from WM (the “It’s raining missiles! Alleluia” duo attack).

I was PhotonRA_2k1 before that account mysteriously stopped working.

Strider works with him as well, same concept as DWM but with Legion and less chip damage. Also Gambit could work with him as well, just cross that shit up.

a lil off topic: Gambit.

Cool. Does Gambit still have his infinite(s) in the console versions? (DC and PSX)

a lil off topic: Gambit.

Yes, I think he does have them actually. So if your losing then you could use em all you want.

I use Hulk/GWM. It’s not a great team by any measure, but I like it because I’m good with the Hulk and GWM offers an extra anti-turtle boost. Plus, GWM helps with Hulk’s bad fights (Venom, MM, WM) that occasionally crop up.