[MvC1] Jin Saotome

Eh, I know not a lot of Peeps play MvC1 much anymore…and if they do, they prob dont choose Jin. But i think its right just to post some stuff for him, cause that how much I like him. :smiley:


-On the ground!-

Drill kick, charge down, then Saotome Dyanmite.

Crouching LP, Crouching HP (holding down), Up plus any Punch for Saotome Dyanmite!

Jumping HP, Crouching MP, Blodia Punch!

Standing MP, Great Cyclone! (unconfirmed, but possible!)

Jumping HK, follow up with Crouching HP

Crouching LP, Crouching HK, Change character safely HP + HK

Jumping HP, Crouching LP or MP, Crouching HK or HP then Blodia Punch! This nails even rollers! And if they’re too stunned to get up immediately,this will hit them for a big damage!

Jumping HK, Crouching LP, Crouching HP!

Crouching HP, Great Cyclone! (But beware of rollers!)

Jumping HP, Standing LK, Crouching HK, Saotome Typhoon!

Helper (preferrably Collosus), then Blodia Vulcan! (But you need to be accurate in the prediction wether it will hit!)

Jumping HK, Standing LK, Standing HP

  • On the air! -

(all are jumping attacks)

Helper (like Collosus, Sentinel, etc) dash to enemy in the air, Jumping HK!

Standing MP, LP, MP, MP, AC FInisher (HK or HP)

Don’t play Jin, he sucks and dies to holding back (not down-back, back).

jin sucks…riiiight, after traingin here in Nor.Cal with the best competition, i happen to be very Skilled with Jin in MvC1. he doesnt suck. You prob just suck with him. or are just a Wolvie fan, like most.

here’s my combo for Jin, but its just for shows!

vs.most large characters in the corner: J.JAB, J.STRONG / S.SHORT, S.STRONG /\ SJ.JAB…SJ.Short…SJ.Strong(FS), pause, SJ.SHORT, SJ.STRONG, land, C.SHORT (OTG), C.Fierce -> Blodia Punch or team super!

jin does actually suck. The reason he sucks isn’t because he’s a horrible character i guess, its just because 90% of the other characters are better than him. He has 2 infinites but they aren’t possible to get off in real play so they are worthless.

lol, Folsom… isn’t that where Striderine is king? I play War Machine.

Anyway, you can use Jin if you want, but he really is a miserable character in that you have to work hella hard and do some crazy ass trickery to get a good hit with him. Whereas all your opponent has to do is either land a low short or build 3 levels.

Jin sucks? Nah, you guys just don’t have enough patience to learn him. Most characters in Marvel vs Capcom are pretty well balanced although I admit that Strider and Wolverine and way too fast and do too much damage for combos that even newbies can do.

Jin has great priority on his moves. you just need to know which move to use in which situation. Never pull off any supers randomly or expect them to be blocked cause all of them have really bad lag. Use them for combo only or for countering the opponent out of moves (for example, Great Cycloning Wolverine out of a dive kick).

Jin’s jumping fierce has really good priority and decent downward reach. It just has a huge starup so do it really early. Constant pounding on the opponent’s head with jump-in fierces and roundhouses makes great pressure.

Jumping strong is your best air to air move especially if the opponent is slightly above you. It comes out really fast and has awesome priority for a strong. I sometimes even use it as anti-air by just jumping and pulling out this move. Jumping roundhouse is also good air to air if the opponent is outside the range of a strong and is horizontal with you or slightly below you. If you want, you can also risk using jumping fierce as an air to air by timing it really early. If you time it late, you might sometimes get an air throw though.

Jin’s dynamite is a dynamite of a move. It priority is unlimited, it comes out instantly, and it can beat out anything. This move is basically anti-everything and makes up for Jin’s slowness. You can hit Wolverine right in the middle of his chains, supers, and jump-ins any time you feel like it and there is nothing that he could do to avoid getting hit. You can also get a Strider with Ouroborous activated off your tail by countering with this move. Never let this move be blocked. Make sure that the oppoennt is doing a move before you counter it. It’s not hard since this move is instant. Just press up+punch for action anytime you need it. You can even access this move in the middle of a beam super.

Bread and butter combo: Any jump-in, dash-in crouching jab, crouching strong XX Blodia Punch. Nothing is better than this combo so hands down. If you are in the corner, follow up with OTG crouching roundhouse, Jin Dynamite.

Jin’s standing forward is underestimated and crouching forward is NOT that great an anti-air.

Jin’s Great Cyclone can catch airborn opponents out of lots of stuff and they can have trouble blocking it. You can also OTG after it with a Jin Dynamite especially if you are in the corner.

Once Jin gets super armor, you have a good advantage. Don’t abuse it though or do random Blodia punchs.

Do not rely on crouching roundhouses when playing Jin. I actually try to avoid this move as much as possible. It’s a good move, just never abuse it.