MvC1 - MvC2


Many years ago I bought MvC1 for Dreamcast and didnt really like it. I didnt really know what I was doing and attempted to play the game like it was a regular SF game. Plus the controller was uncomfortable. (yet I can play SF3/CvS2/A3 fine (or atleast fine imo…Ill buy an arcade stick next year)).

With all the talk of MvC2 lately, I’m kind of interested in giving it a shot. Ive only played it once and got destroyed. In Chicago at an arcade as I was walking around during the casuals of tourney, I stepped to a machine that Jwong was playing and got beat. As they say, if I get hit by a car, Id like it to be a ferrari. Regardless, I didnt know what was going on. Anyway, regarding MvC2, there are a few problems:

(1) Its pretty hard to find the game. EB/Gamestop are out.

Question: Any suggestions?

(2) I dont even know if Ill like it.

Question: Is this true as I didnt like MvC1?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Assuming you still own a DC, you could always get a copy from somebody. Best bet would be to ask anybody at Stargate since you live in Houston. By the way, who are you?

As for the MvC1 vs MvC2 question:

  1. MvC1 is more like the old VS series games, comboholic but more 1 v 1 fighting.

  2. MvC2 involves more team work(ie mashing on assists, whoring out DHC’s)

  3. The DC pad is horrible for MvC1, but its actually very good for MvC2, mainly because the triggers are your assist buttons, rather than your launcher or tag outs, combo enders, etc.

  4. If you’re more into old school Street Fighter then you’re better off sticking with CvS2 or 3rd Strike.


Hmm…thats a good suggestion about the DC game and seeing if someone at Stargate could help me.

Who am I? Just some random dude. I dont have a car nor much time so I dont head over there much. In fact the last time I went there, it was closed. I know that theres a new location, just havent gotten around to getting there. Hopefully Ill make it out to that tournament in July :slight_smile:

Also, what is DHC?

I guess I should just try out the game and see for myself via the method you suggested.

Thanks for the response.


DHC- Delayed Hyper Combo.

While your first character is doing a super, motion a super for the second character in your team. Your first character will “tag out” and is relegated to the #3 slot (moving the third character to #2), and your second character becomes the main character and does his or her super that was motioned for.


MVC1 is a much more balanced game, I cant stand 2 simply because most people use Magneto, Sentinal, Storm and Cable. Also MVC1 has better graphics, better sound, better music, better backgrounds, better boss, etc. Its the original 6 button layout whereas 2 has the 6 button layout but only …well youll figure that out if you play. Its an ok game, dont take my opinion too seriously Im not a big fan of the VS series, but I have both of them and definatly prefer MVC1. I found both of them at


Psh. Uncombo, Stridey, RV, and DWM made MvC1 fall apart in higher level. MvC2 holds up so much better in that aspect. MvC1 is boring.


You make a good point. I never realized it cause Ive never played either of these games in higher level play, I just played em for fun with my dad lol. But yeah seeing that post made me recall some stuff Ive read in the past (about strider in particular). Sorry for the misinformation on my part, if youre looking to compete with MVC without question go with MVC2, I havent even seen a MVC1 machine in years lol, and damn near everyone and their mother plays MVC2.

If you didnt like the first, Im not sure youll like the second, its not SF thats for sure. But there are more characters in the second game, you might find a couple you like and can get into the game with, be warned though that tons and tons of people use the god tier characters, and while the other characters do stand a chance, you have to work hard at it and youll loose many many times before you get it down, I guarantee.


sounds interesting

kinda sad that everyone is toning down from mvc but its all good. we’ll see.

thanks for the responses all :slight_smile:


What you are saying is completely inaccurate.

MvC1 is garbage ask anyone who knows what they are talking about it’s just more accesible because you can get it and play it online for free. Although you can pretty much get mvc2 for free there is still no online play (which doesn’t matter anyways because online competition for fighting games is pretty much a joke at the moment)

Mvc1 is BROKEN, you think infinites are bad? In this game you don’t flip out after 50 hits which mean 1 hit = dead character. It’s not better balanced it has a top 3 or 4 just like mvc2 the only difference is that they only had to balance what?..15-20 characters?

Better music is subject to taste, some people like rap, country ect. if you ask me mvc1 music is crap the only song I heard someone ask for is roll’s theme.

Listen up take it from someone who actually plays mvc2 it’s alot better balanced than mvc1 it’s a great game that’s been played for 5 years and although it’s difficult to use low tiers people still use low tiers to this day just ask vegita-x who uses Rogue/Storm/Tronne and he uses them in major tournaments which are the competitive peak.

Mvc2 has alot depth just ask any of the people who have dedicated years of their lives just to try to dethrone the champion and still have failed.

In short Mvc1 is total garbage if you play it try not to take it too seriously because Mvc1 and competitive gaming have no place in the same sentence at least not in the present (i’m not talking about when it first came out).

edit: in mvc1 there is one side that DOES dizzy and let them escape but that’s negated by the fact that there are uncomboes which are basically the same as comboes except they reset the meter thus no flip out and more damage.

Also to note:

  • Strider, Red Venom, GWM, WM and Wolverine are mainly what you’ll see in high level competition.

  • Jump ins for some reason have no block stun which my guess is due to shoddy programing. Also no block stun on air attacks means it’s pretty hard if not impossible to have a mix up game when all you have to do is hold up back and avoid any subsequent lows.

  • Duos afford you what?..50% or more chip that’s inescapable?

  • Previously mentioned “Uncomboes” and only one side dizzies the other can infinite you to 99 hits and above. This along with the jump in block stun all points to shoddy programming.

edit: Also graphically it isn’t even close, mvc2 by alot more just compare the super flash screens. You may prefer the mvc1 graphics but that’s a different topic all together mvc2 is just plain more high-res just look at abyss’s final form and all the “prettier” super jump splashes ect.


Thats all fine, I like it better than MVC2 though, and I dont bother playing Marvel competitvly I think both of them are broken.
I enjoyed the first one more thats all Im saying.


You just seemed to say it almost as fact you didn’t say you liked them better you said they were better.

Still I didn’t mean to rag on you if you prefer it that’s fine I just wanted to say that Mvc2 is considered widely more popular and imo is vastly superior (on nearly all fronts) to mvc1 and I think alot of people feel the same way. I also didn’t want the poster who started this topic to get the wrong idea and actually start playing mvc1 which is the equivalent of punching a baby in the face. At least that’s how I feel every time I play mvc1…just feel so dirty.


Most of the good mvc2 players are new. What I mean by this is that they never played any type of SF or Marvel game until mvc2 came out. I don’t know the reason to this. Maybe its becuase the combo system is much more easier in mvc2 then mvc. Mvc2 is like an easy mode game where most of the stuff are easy to do.

Overall I think it better to start playing mvc2 rather then mvc1. Reason is becuase mvc2 get played at the arcades so you can play people and they have touraments. To learn the game mvc1 really well to a certain point you can compete it will be impossible, becuase nobody plays it anymore upset online but that really nothing. I can beat every player online on kaillera if we played at a arcade. When I say compete I am talking about the New York City players and some of the Cali players are in a different level in mvc1 then any other state.

So mvc2 is your best bet to learn right now.


Psssh, youngin, remixed Strider theme owns you for free!

But yeah MvC1 gameplay wise does suck compared to MvC2.

Though it definitely beats MvC2 in the music department considering that all the songs in MvC1 are remixed songs from other games.


Hey sorry for noob style questions but what is the SF2 Code:
t+ c T r f++ g !m s++ v+ M+ n-:- o+ and what does wm and gwm stand for. I read that in seth’s domination articles and came here to find out. Then I saw the code. Thanks in advance for answering my Q’s