MvC1: playing to win

I read all MvC1 threads, including the old resource center, and none has its.

I don’t want to learn combos, but instead what strategies to use with the top characters. I’ll put down what I do(which is not much) and then people can correct me and improve the thread.

Wolverine - dash c.LP, c.LK repeatedly. If opp gets hit BBX combo.

Red Venom - move around like crazy, throw into infinite

Strider - use to preempt dash ins and launcher as antiair, with their respective combos, i play more turtle than attack, as you see. If WM is on my team, burn meter with duos (WD + legion)

WM - fly , all HPs I can do, duo. (I know, I’m a scrub)

GWM - I don’t even know how to choose him. When I learn, see above.

Now you all know I’m ascrub. For starters, how to pick RV and GWM at the arcade? How to play any of the War Machines? Is it just fly HP a lot? Well, please correct all my wrong info upthere. I hope this becomes a great thread.

Oh, yeah, please don’t stuff the thread with combos,except for realy useful ones. Most MvC1 threads I see degenerate into a written combo exhibition, which would kill the purpose of this thread.

Thanks for the attention

Wolverine basics:

  • dash in with low jab->short
  • if that doesn’t work, quick superjump divekick -> sj.rh
  • if that’s blocked, throw
    (also known as “birdcage rush”)

Strider basics:

  • run in with s./c.fwd
  • if that doesn’t work, jump up/away with fierce
  • duo when you get 3 meters
  • orbs then shit if your partner’s dead

WM basics:

  • jump around with fierce. sometimes fly, kneedive, fly again
  • if they jump, fly and hit them with fierce into infinite. or launch into infinite
  • duo when you get 3 meters

GWM basics:

  • jump fierce
  • if they do something that can stop you, superjump smart bomb
  • duo when you get 3 meters

RV basics:

  • run up and jab a lot, then throw, launch, infinite
  • if they jump, jump fierce rh, infinite
  • if you get in trouble, low fierce

Hulk basics:

  • get in the corner
  • throw into gamma quake when they get close
  • duo when you get 3 meters

Zangief basics:

  • stand there
  • throw into triple option when they get close
  • jump splash sometimes to scare them

Chun-Li basics:

  • jump
  • double jump
  • triple jump
  • airdash
  • foot stomp -> jump fierce, low forward -> fierce, super

Megaman basics:

  • jump fierce
  • more jump fierce
  • launch into aircombo or hyper megaman, then jump fierce some more
  • beat plane for chip

Venom basics:

  • s.fierce xx jab venom fang. a lot.
  • jump strong as anti-air

There, you know the basics. Now win!

Great post, Dasrik, as always. I am gonna work on that.

what about the codes to secret characters(only GWM and RV). Do you now ?

And I can’t believe I’m gonna ask this, but what’s IM infinite? (I know how ironic it is to ask for a combo after explicitly saying the thread is not about that, but you mentioned and I don’t know it, so so so sorry…)

I am trying to play Strider/WM right now, but my best single character is Wolverine(of course, I am a scrub :slight_smile: ). Are there any decent duos with him?

edit: What do you advise to avoid Venom’s throws(without rushing into much Venom fangs or assists) and Wolverine’s ground game? Thank you very much!

What can I do to get out of Wolvie’s birdcage with WM or Strider? Every move I do is outprioritized by his c.jab…

I’m still a little clueless on WM. Jump around and do Hps, I mean, I can barely hurt my opponent this way, but they can hit me real good, specially when I’m landing or when they’re coming from below.

I tried to do fly, (HP, AD, repeat) as fast as possible to build meter. Is this any good? I did even combo 3 Hps together with this pattern.

If I get a clean hit, I do flying LP, MP, HP, AD, repeat. Is this the infinite/semi infinite that is useful?

Any other tips to Strider/WM are welcome…

Thanks for any help

i havnt played this game in a LONG time… but i remember i used Strider alot… he was my main character… i did this with him… i would get the guy in an orobourus combo, then combo into Ragnarok… that would do hella damage. try that out.

Thanks. I knew that. You can do some reps with the help of Colossus also. My problem is to get the first hit.

Another issue: I tried the duo Strider/WM, Chun li did her super and both my characters got hit. What can I do to make she and Commando block my duos?

Somebody please help me. I would like to know matchups for Strider/War machine too…

You have to bait out or stop Kikosho. Easy way to do this - after duo, make her block s.short-s.forward-s.fierce chain and cancel into QCF+KK. Alternately, if you know she will try to do the bubble super, block and then kill her afterward with s.rh xx QCF+KK over and over. Strider/WM is easiest duo in the game (DWM has to be staggered or else there’s a weak point during the recovery frames of War Destroyer).

Matchups never, Marvel 1 is dumb. Think about it for like two minutes and you’ll get it.

Pick two war machines…beat the shit out of their first character…Duo when they duo and drop missiles on their heads.

Beats everything…

Thank you very much, dasrik and war destroyer. Do I have to make the duo with my two characters one at each side? Cause Im placing then on the same side and eating tons of specials :frowning:

I still dont know how to play WM well though, I keep doing sj hp, AD hp, or j back hp until i have meter for the duo. Is there anything else I should know(besides combos)?

And I have no idea whatsoever on how to play GWM,so Im little afraid to pick him

edit: Oh yeah, and how to get out of Wolvie’s birdcage, every move I do gets stuffed by his low jab. he seems to recover before my blocking frames are over and i feel locked down(if i let go of blocking, i eat combos).
Please somebody help me with it

Sorry, I was thanking war destroyer for darik’s tip. thank you so much, dasrik

I think the way your playing WM is the way you should be playin GWM.

So what should I change? Right now, I can’t deal great damage with him, asides from the flying semi inf and the duo. just random hps, Im lost here

Is there anything I can do when I got cornered against Wolverine’s patterns?

Also, I would like to know more about GWM as well…

With Strider/WM, to avoid being supered in the duo, Im starting it with LP, HP, Ouroboros(WM does Proton Cannon from far away). It kind of works, but in the remaining time I can only chip with one or two war destroyers… :frowning:

With Strider against Wolvie rush, you have to pushblock 2/3x, then you’re at the correct distance where Strider’s low jab will outprioritize anything Wolvie has. From there you can do his ground combo, or into his doublejump reset combo. If they block just do his chain into ground ouroboros.

WM, it’s a little bit harder because Wolvie beats him on the ground. But WM is superior in the air. When he gets you with the jab short rushdown, just keep pushblocking - worst that could happen to you is a throw, then you get out of the lockdown. Once you’ve pushed him away, activate fly mode and keep away from him. Do knee dive into j. fierce when necessary, refly after the fierce if it doesnt hit, repeat. You’ll also want to do a lot of jump back fierces, standing fierce (if he runs at you from fullscreen) into helper of your choice (namely psylocke, if she hits you can go into flight semi-infinite, if blocked, do low fierce missile into RH shoulder cannon, to keep him away and chip a little bit. Do anything you can to get level 2.

If you’re more prone to take risks and you have good execution, you can build up meter really quickly by going in flight mode and keep doing his manual airdash up/backwards while pressing fierce. If done right, you can cancel his fierces into airdashes - thus building meter REALLY REALLY fast. You can also use his j. short when you think they’re going to try and hit you out of the air from below - this outprioritizies almost everyones moves - and the best part about it - the j. short, if connected, pushes you up, not down for some strange reason. So you can go into his semi infinite from there - j. strong, u. fierce XX dash, jab strong u. fierce, XX dash repeat. Also, in that flight combo the strong shoulder cannon resets, useful thing to know. =)

Strider/WM also have a 100% Duo if you connect with the duo team (useful if they tag in, or you’re in the corner and you duo off a connected fierce/rh with strider - Duo will combo.) It’s pretty useful, only stipulation is that both your chars have to be on both sides of the char being duoed - which isnt too impossible to set up - like I said, off a tag, or when you feel like you’re going to be attacked and theyre not going to block.

Anyway, dash up, low short, stand fwd, stand fierce into Legion with Strider. WM’s stand fierce knocks the opponent into Strider’s legion. Setting up perfectly for a Proton Cannon while they get hit by the Legion. From there you can Legion/Proton Cannon?War Destroyer them to death.

Braindead GWM tactics:

Start GWm first. As soon as the match starts, super jump up back and throw Smart Bombs. Then do 3 Shoulder Cannons on the way down. Land, and repeat until you get to Level 3. Once you get to Level 3, Duo. Repeat.

If opponent super comes after you from the same level or above, peg him with sj. fierce or U+fierce.

If opponent comes after you from below, knee dive -> j.fierce. If theyre on the ground when you hit with j.fierce, follow up with s.short->s.forward XX qcf + K (low shoulder cannon). This is the only ground combo you need to know with GWM really. You may need to dash when you hit the ground. Also, this combo only works for GWM, not WM.

If you’re on the ground and opponent comes at you from above, do s.fierce XX Shoulder cannon if they jump in from far away, or s.roundhouse -> air combo of choice if they’re right above you.

An alternate method of building meter is to just do random jumping/jump back/jump forward fierce. It depends on whether you want to be high in the sky (usually the case) or near the ground while building meter. Random j.fierce also beats Zangief for free.

If you’re caught by attacks in close on the ground, hit c.fierce. It’s a counter beam that can do massive damage. For shits and giggles, have two GWMs do c.fierce on each other - 99 hit combo for both characters and Double KO if you time it right.

If you’re fighting Chun-Li and she activates Kikosho below you while you’re in the air, just knee-dive at it. Usually, you’ll bounce off the Kikosho and take minimal damage. Just don’t get hit by it on the ground or low in the air - it will fuck you up royally.

GWM is a little intimidating to learn at first because he’s so slow and can’t block. But once you learn his basic patterns, he’s actually one of the scrubbiest characters in the game. You can own all but the very best players using very simple tactics. Kinda like Q in 3S.

Oh, a guard break combo for Strider: Against jumping (not super jump) opponent, do j.strong, j.fierce, wait a split second, j.roundhouse. I think you can also do this with j.strong, j.forward, j.fierce, j.roundhouse, but I prefer the 3 hit version.

Thank you very very much, Sabin and ultima. This thread just became fantastic.

I have one more question for you, Sabin. Against Wolverine, what if he keeps repeating dive, rh, little ground combo while Im blocking at the corner?

I can do the repeated air dash HPs for battery, but people air combo me out of it pretty often, or do specials(even fatal claw). Is LK enough to prevent them from doing it? I assume I will have to guess when they’re about to superjump…

I will try to practice all teh other stuff as soon as I can, thank you

Oooops, forgot the most important, how to duo safely. When I duo with WM (Strider in the back) or even the opposite, I usually eat specials like Ken’s shoryureppa, Wolvie’s BBX and Ryu’s Shinkuu hadoken. I think I can only block against them…

Is there anything I can do to prevent this from happening? Or should I always try to land on different sides with the duos?

My best guess was trying to do lp, hp, ouroboros with strider, but I can’t chip much after the proton cannon ends. Thank you so much for any help!

Try not to duo them when they’re on the ground. It gives them more room to pull some random super out. If they do block it on the ground, try LP -> HP -> QCF+KK and it usually gives them enough stun so they can’t do anything without risking getting blown up. This works better when Strider calls the duo and he’s standing behind War Machine. WM starting it leaves you open, so be wary.

Alternately, if he supers automatically, bait it out and kill him.