MvC1: playing to win


sigh Why don’t you learn?

JohnnyEight, whatever you think you know about the game, me, or the scene in general can’t hold any water because you haven’t put yourself on the line, got out and entered tournaments. Online experience means nothing, and anyone who’s been in the scene long enough will tell you that.

Am I a nobody? Before you make assumptions, you ought to ask around, instead of making yourself look like an ass. I might not win tournaments but I get listened to because I make sense. I’ve been around longer than you have, and I’ve seen enough tournament matches to make careful, calculated observations.

You are reacting out of a sense of hurt pride because someone talked down your favorite character. Get some perspective, please, count to 3 and try again.


Youre the guy offending me, but thats cool. and Im being pretty reasonable. I posted what works for me as asked, and you come calling names and stuff. Maybe you made a lot of sense somewhere else, but all I see is misdirected anger. If MM sucks, Ill deal with it. For now, based on what I’ve written and read, he doesnt.


There’s some nice info in here.

But I get the impression that everybody is overreacting just a little bit, and most of the stuff would depend on the situation.

I still have some questions and I hope somebody can help me with those:

Is it really not possible to do a full infinite on MM?

What is (are) the best assist(s) to use against him?

Also, I saw Sabin writing several answers to react to MM’s game, but I still have no idea how to take initiative against him. If I am up against a good MM, what should be my basic gameplan playing Strider, WM or GWM (I suppose RV and Wolverine gameplans do not change)?

On a small note, I don’t think online players do WM’s full infinite as easily as it sounds in this thread. At least in the way I do it, you need some luck or extreme timing to lose fly exactly at the right time to do it again (if you do all hits too soon or too late in the infinite you’ll end up missing the refly). I get around 40 or 60 hits pretty often, but I got to 99 just a couple of times, like 1% or something… I heard there is a pattern to do it where you unfly and refly manually, but I have no idea how to do that.

Lastly, are you all completely sure of strong shoulder cannon resetting in all versions? I never got it to reset. I do it and it counts hits the same as in fierce, and it takes practically the same damage as in fierce too. I am doing it in the same way I would finish a combo with fierce shoulder cannon…


This is a great thread, I’ve read every post, and it has helped me a lot. My only problem is that most of the discussion involves strategies for winning. While that does help, I’m also interested in learning some of the essential combos for top tier characters. The only one that I know some advanced combos with is Wolverine, but I really need to get better with other characters (I’m trying to learn Strider and War Machine). Basically, all I know with the rest of the guys is basic air combos, but they don’t always work, and I’m sure there are ways to do more damage with advanced combos.

Thanks in advance, I appreciate any advice.


I think people who think MM is good, need to play people who used to play mvc1 then they can talk. And so people quit talking out your ass. These are like the people who think they know tiers in PJ.


How does Shadow Lady do? Is she even worth using?

Thanks in advance if anyone answers this.

Long Island, NY SFV

shadow lady was ok. People would use Chun li and shadow lady. Duo team infinite was, have chun or shadow lady in front and the other in back and keep doing there lighting kick till they die.


Aren’t you the guy who tries to throw duos?


hey guys…i jus started playin mvc1. Pretty fun. Can anyone tell me the RV infinite…oh and where do u guys play on kaillera…if anyone still plays lol


its not that hard, lamo, someone calls a duo team you block then throw, it might not always work.


RV has 5 infinites… o_O

I’m guessing you mean the Jump FS inf. It’s Jumping HP -> Jumping HK, Land, Rejump, Over and over again. To set it up off of a Standing HP, you can either do a slow air combo into a late sj.fierce / c.short(OTG) -> c.strong -> c.fierce, /\ j.short -> j.strong -> j.forward -> [ j.fierce -> j.roundhouse / /\ ], or just do Standing HP, than wait, and do a Normal Jumping MK -> HP -> HK / /\ etc etc etc.


thanks im noob to this stuff


damn i was gonna post those infs but prozac beat me to it lol.

i wish i had some old footage from back in the day when this game used to be played hella, i think zeruel has a ton of ecc4 footage but i dunno. im kinda too lazy to write a novel megafighter, maybe dasrik can type some shit if hes bored :stuck_out_tongue:


How do I do Morrigan’s infinites? There’s a tutorial for a new inf that Marvel Knight made, but CV is down.


what are some strats with chunli and strider team…any good duos or stuff? im really noob

Hori Fighting Edge for ps4?

azn sup3rman aalot of the strider strats are posted in this thread, but you kinda gotta search thru it its scattered.

chunli is played like standard pixie char except she has less priority than the top tier, her basic strats are hopkick into jump fierce or jump rh, if it connects launch into jab short -> air super, or short fwd fierce into qcf+kk super, those are the basic basics i guess, lol im too lazy.

btw NeezyDeezy about those morrigan strats, just wait for dasrik to stop being awol or something. i dont play mid/low tiers for the most part so i dont know the specifics of those chars.


CV and that vid are back up (it’s under game videos-/tutorial vids-/MvC)


What sabin says is enuff. Also Chun Li has an infinite also.
Works something like this.

Launch jab,short,strong,Toe Tap,double jump repeat.

Also some other stuff for low tier or less played character is the glitch with Spidey/Venmon where during the duo do a Venmon web with Venmon at the point it hits do a web ball with Spidey.

Thinking of switching from PC to Xbox

It may never work :wink:


I don’t do Morrigan’s infinite. I don’t actually play Morrigan, I play Lilith…

…and seriously, do you want to be winning by way of infinite? It works, but it gets boring after awhile.

As for Strider strats, it boils down to:

  1. do dash c.forward a lot
  2. if it hits, chain into fierce roundhouse DP+kick
  3. when you get 3 meters, duo
  4. if your partner somehow dies, do orbs when you have meter
  5. when in doubt jump back fierce

Strider in a nutshell.