MvC1 resource center?

I’d like to have a thread containing all of the useful info that everyone can add in about this game. This is mainly for peeps just learning the game{why i’m starting playing i dont know} and for old skoolers to joke around a bit about it.

Lemme get started with a few questions.

How do you choose the secret characters?

The best assists and how you can choose them?

Infinites ect for the characters?

IF this takes off and can help people out, good, cool.

If not, maybe somone at least will have answered my questions…

No dude, the best character to back you is UNKNOWN SOLDIER. That bastard smokes anyone. Cept for Cyclops. He’s a tad faster. But when two people are playing the game against each other, you won’t know the difference. Plus the SOLDIER hits a few times, not just once.

So, if you play gambit, you bring out your soldier, and when he starts to hit your opponent, you throw out a ROYAL FLUSH. Then you are laughing! Because the two will connect smoothly cause UNKNOWN SOLDIER’s gun is fast.

That’s my tip for today.

All of the assists have good uses, but the best all-around is probably Lou. use MP to pick him.

Wolverine’s infinite is : s.wp,, down, s.wp, etc…
it’s a crouch cancel, and is set-up after a flying screen. The best set-up for it is after the Berserker Barrage X in the corner.

WarMachine has several infinites:

s.wp, s.wk, (or, c.fp, b+smart bombs
dash in, repeat. It can be set-up by a lou-assist

j.wp,, j.u+fp
This infinite isn’t as easy as the IM infinite in MVC2, i usually do it for 2 reps and end it with a, wardestroyer. It can be set-up by a colossus assist or a kneedive into a u+fk.

He has an air-infinite too, in fly mode

flying: wp, mp, u+fp, dash, repeat

do this for 5 reps, then switch to wp, u+fp for 2 reps, then you activate fly again, and the combo continues. This by far the most useful one.

I usually set it up with this combo : c.wk,, /\ sj.wp, sj.wk, sj.u+fp, airdash diagonal up, ad.wp, ad.u+fp, fly, f.wp,, f.u+fp, dash, repeat for 4 more times, then…f.wp, f.u+fp, dash, f.wp, f.u+fp, then activate fly again cuz that’s when the fly runs out.

You have to learn how to control this infinite while you are in the corner, or else you will dash under him. WM has unfly mode in MVC1 too, and his flight is hella fast. I’m pretty sure that GWM doesn’t have any infinites, but he’s pretty good without them.

I’ll contribute to this thread with some combos and semi-infinites

Chun Li Semi-infinite: /\ [(hold down)lp, lk, mp, mk]
Chun Li combos:

  • /\ lp, lk, XX air demon
  •,, d.hp, XX lightning kick super
  • jump in,, hp, land,, d.hp, XX lightning kick super

Wolverine Semi-infinite: Speed up, [dash forward, d.lp,,, d.hp]
Wolverine combos:

  • (in corner) super jump,, hk, land,,, d.hp, /\ lp, lk, mp, mk,, hk, land,, d.hp, jump, hp.throw, mash like hell
  • after semi-infinite, XX Berserker Barrage X, (if in corner), d.hp, jump, hp.throw, mash like hell
  • after semi-infinite,, XX Fatal Claw

Chun Li Reset Combo from hell :slight_smile:

restrictions, none really, just easier to do on big characters

in corner:
j.wk, j.d+mk, / ds.wp, dc.wk, /\ sj.wp, sj.wk,,, / otg c.wk,, c.fp,, jump air throw, otg c.wk, /\ sj.wp, sj.wk, airdemon super

2 otg’s in 1 combo? Yes, it’s cuz there’s a throw, so it allows that. Try it on Venom first, then try it on other people. Only other person i landed this on was Ryu, and that was with a few changes to the combo.

best combo in MvC1…

Double War Machine
QCB+HP+HK, then QCF+KK until you get tired.

haha, so true.

or until you run out of meter…then again usually, they’d be dead by then.

2nd best combo would be jump Fierce, jump RH with Red Venom.

Wovlerine can SJ cancel D.RH so you can do an air combo after you connect it.

Strider’s best air combo:
launch, strong, forward (pause a bit) short, forward, double jump short, strong, forward, DP + P. (3 possible uncombos !!)

…then again, Strider just needs, FORWARD , fierce, RH, DP+short as B&B, just use the launch if they are above you and the launcher happens to connect, but for basic combo just stick with his 4 hits of death and you’ll be fine.

GWM, c.fp

:lol: does so much damage if it multi-hits

check out my mvc1 combo vid :slight_smile:

comes with angelpotion codec to view it

you need divx 3 to hear

sorry for the bitchy encoding

let me know what you think :smiley:

Hands down best assist is Lou. You get a bunch of calls, he’s anti air, stays out a long time, good space control. Collossus is rollable in some situations.

This game at the highest level seems to boil down to good duos or throw tactics with wolverine.

Strider/WM or double WM do well just activating duos and chipping the opponent to death with war destroyers and legions.

When I play strider doom i don’t even concentrate on hitting the opponent, i just jump/sj and double jump around with rh and fierce. Sick priority, and you get a lot of throws that way too. Don’t be a moron about it though.

One more tip: making your opponent block certain assists fills your super meter in a hurry, which you can then use for duos.

hey, these Throw tactics with Wolverine I keep on hearing about, is this really verified? I just keep on hearing stuff on how this Japanese guy mastered it but only he can do it. sounds shady, but I dunno, unless I see it I won’t believe it I guess.

Jump in front of the computer hulk with wolvie, then throw him. Most of the time, you’ll see hulk raise his fist, then get thrown by wolvie. Basically, throw tactics is like throwing characters out of moves before it comes out. But MT (the jap guy), supposedly knows all the angles and frames in which a person can be thrown out of a move. Sounds crazy, and i’m skeptical myself. He said he could do a lockdown infinite on GWM. :eek:

Allright Chun Li Inifinites :), Basically Chun li has the air juggle which works till the corner which is launch lp, lk, mp, down mk repeat. I do a slide motion where i slide my fingers down lp lk pause mp down mk. Also if your facing against Capcom or WM in the corner do launch lp lk mp mk rh but do it slowly when you land OTG them with and do s.fp over and over that is her other infinite.

Red Venom Infinites are simple too but i will list them anyways, in the corner launch pause so you can regular jump mk fp fk then just keep doing fp fk. Red Venoms guard break is jumping fp then you can launch them again to do infinite. Red Venom is all about playing safe and chaining into the throw if you mess up you are screwed.

Unknown soldier is allright Hes good against Red Venom and other chars. I use Psylocke and Lou to use psylocke hold down start and mk and for lou start and mp.

About wolverine he is too nasty with this throws, with a duo with him do the throw where he throws the oppenent over his head and you can get a free super off :). Its very easy to tick into in duo mode and it gives you free damage.

If you guys need any strats for some characters tell me.

Top tier for this game are as follows

Red Venom, DWM, Striderine. Chunli follows close behind along with Zangeif.

I prefer magic series, end with d+ rh, sj. rh on the way down ,land, c. short, s. forward (x2), c. fierce, j. jab, j. short, j. strong, j. forward, then throw.

i’ll post a FAQ I made a long time ago with most of the infinites and best combos in the game. I happen to like (capAm/Gambit):
c. short, c. forward, team super

there goes 75% of your opponent’s life – i think it’s the strongest team super in the game.


how is Zangief actually top tier?

IMO, I think Hulk should be way higher than him.

hmmm i always thought psylockes assist was best, but what do i know

MinorThreat forgot Wolverine in the top tier. LOL, how do you forget?

Anyhoo, Gief is alright, at the very least, as a way to make Wolverine actually think for awhile. Most of Wolvie’s regular approaches get owned by Gief, so he has to either rethink his plan or start Strider/WM.

Hulk is good (and is hands down my favorite character to use) but he has problems against War Machine. Chun-Li is good too, lots and lots of ways to approach.

P.S. Best helper is Lou. Psylocke is only really good if you’re fighting RV, otherwise just pick Colossus who does a better job.

I said Striderine as in both strider and wolvie :stuck_out_tongue:
imho the best mvc1 site still in existence on the net

Actually, that is one of the scrubbiest sites ever and probably the worst place to go if you want to get good at MvC1. The guy “speaks out against dishonorable tactics” that win tournaments, thinks Hulk is cheap (dear lord) and has a whole bunch of bullshit combos that don’t even look like they work. Just ignore this site, unless you want a good laugh.