MvC1 top teirs?


Howdy all,

I’ve been playing MvC (first one) a lot lately, and was wondering if any of you could enlighten me to the characters i should learn.

I really like spiderman, but i can’t seem to find a 2nd character i like

Well, thanks in advance for the advice




Top Tier made easy

Strider (jumpback fierce, dash forward kick, if it hits fierce roundhouse DP+K, if it doesn’t jumpback fierce some more. Get 3 meters and duo.)
War Machine (knee dive, fly, knee dive some more. fierce when they get close, strong shoulder cannon to uncombo, then knee dive some more. if dive hits, go into jump fierce, land c.strong s.rh into aircombo ending in strong shoulder cannon. You can learn the infinite later. Get 3 meters and duo.)
Wolverine (run in c.jab, c.short, then superjump divekick into roundhouse, and keep doing it. if it hits, go into c.forward, c.fierce, BBX. if it doesn’t hit, throw, s.short s.rh into aircombo. Keep doing it.)
Gold War Machine (jump around with fierce, occasional s.forward, get 3 meters and duo)
Red Venom (c.fierce a lot. if they jump, jump rh to guardbreak, then jump fierce, rh for infinite. then when they’re scared, run up jab, then throw, then super.)

Pick Lou for assist (hold Start+Strong) unless they pick Red Venom, then pick Psylocke (hold Start+Forward).

You are now good at MvC1.


i can never hit with WM’s proto cannon super, it takes too long to set up

any advice?


Don’t bother. PC sucks. If you want an easy mode super combo, crouch strong, stand roundhouse, War Destroyer (QCF+KK). I would save my meter for duos, though. And learn the infinite if you can, it’s really easy…

After jump up+fierce, fly, jab strong up+fierce, airdash UF, repeat. Then when flight is about to run out, strong shoulder cannon. Ouch.


Any 1 can be a top tier in this game like i use Venom and hulk and still no 1 can really own me on kaillera. Thats why mvsc is way better than part 2. Lots of strider and wolvie users but still my team can handle them and my wolvie is better than most ppls wolvies and hes not 1 of my main guys. But spiderman is desent depends how u play with him as does ne1. But just use some1 that resembles spidey the most probably will be chung li so try her out.


ummm… no.

Online is no acurate comparison or compromisable way to scale competition or analyze how people play with or against different characters. You can easily say you can beat ‘good’ striders and wolverines, but take into account who and where you are playing. Get a clue. Venom is low tier, not because he cant be used effectively, or that he cant beat others; but because everyone else can do what he does better or with minimal effort in comparison.


Its ppl like you who underestimate venom but thats ok what u said makes no sense to me because ive played venoms b4 and none of them really played like mines. And u saying wolvie is hard to use LOL i learned him in 20 min and mines already kills most wolvies. If you think you got some good shit on venom or u think u can beat me with a wolvie or strider just aim me and we can set up a match on kaillera. darkcloud5407


dood…we telling you…arcade comp.>>>>>>>>kaillera

that’s why a comparison can’t be made…


Okay, part of me doesnt even want to dignify this by responding or flaming you otherwise, but I dont want to be a total jerk about it so i will try to explain it as plainly as i can without becoming impatient with you.

1st; I have stated some where else before that venom is underplayed, that is an unfamiliarity, not under estimation. What you are encountering online, is people who have character spicific problems because they never play good low tier characters.

2nd; you are founding your whole outlook on what a ‘good’ venom should do to beat some one but you are playing scrubs. No one plays like you? Look at where the hell you are playing.

1st; I have never once said wolvie is hard to use. But if you used wolverine for 20 mins and you beat a majority- more power to you, but that should tell you something mr kaillera.

2nd; Mastering wolverine and being compotent with him are two totaly different things. You saying that you can beat most with wolvie with minimal skill only justifies the very reason he is high tier in the first place. Thank you for giving us an example of the obvious.

and finally, whether you wanna except it or not, venom is low tier. Deal with it- and I honestly dont hate to break it to you, because you sir, are the same type to come to ctf and have your fuckin ass handed to you. You are way too cocky and you arent being realistic. Compotetion is bigger than your rose colored kaillera world kid… yall arent even a blip on the radar honestly. You are only worth mention because some of the greats started there; but ever notice how they left? wonder why- cause online gaming is a joke.

case closed.