MVC1: War Machine

Yeah, I need some good strats you guys have for War Machine. I usually play War Machine with Strider. Right now I’m only able to play at the arcade, I got rid of my MVC1 that I had for DC thinking I wouldn’t want to play it again. But then I decided to play it at the arcade one day, and well I started getting into it and wished I still had my DC version. I would practice DWM, and Strider/WM, but I’ll wait till I get the DC version back again.
Here’s what I usually do/ know or heard about him.
-I usually run around with air dashes and d+fp to build meter for duo.
-Use his b and b combo into war destroyer.
-I heard he has a semi infinite that does 50-75% damage, I’m guessing that the 75% one must be when you add war destroyer at the end.
-I do believe that st fp is good as an anti dash in move.
-What use does the repulsor blast have?
-Call assist and jump back smart bombs. (this works well for me with lou or michelle heart.)
-Use shoulder canon for zoning.
-What are the best tactics to use against strider, wolverine, and any other rush down?
Thanx for any useful info you guys post up.

Some stuff on WM…
His knee drop which is down mk(IIRC) combos into his launcher. Mostly I just use jump smart bombs. You might want to try out gold war machine but that is just me. I usually use psylocke and avoid using lou or michelle heart. If I think of some more I’ll post it.

for some reason, I’ve noticed that WM flight mode in MvC1 is almost as fast as sentinels flight mode.

How do you pick gold war machine?:smiley:

Highlight Zangief: Left(2), Down(2), Right(2), Down(2), Left(2), Up(4), Right(2), Left(2), Down(4), Right(2), Up(2), Left(2), Down(2), Right(2), Down(4). He’ll be on top of Zangief.:smiley:

And just in case you don’t know this already…

Gold War Machine can’t block.

There’s no scaling in MVC1 right?:bluu: :confused:

Yeah, he can’t block, but he can’t counter almost everyone else in the game. It’s funny, really, the way most people here dismiss Mech-Zangief and G. War Machine as useless because of that single drawback. :o

  • Don’t knee dive excessively. The priority is good, but not great and can be beat with launchers, plus even if it gets blocked and you try to chain out into a fierce or roundhouse you risk getting a jab or other quick move stuck in between the knee and the fierce. This happens a lot more with fierce, so if I chain I usually use roundhouse.


  • Jump fierce is your friend. Use this move a lot. Use fly airdash cancelled fierces to build meter.

  • Remember you can cancel all normals into flight. This makes moves like s.fierce and c.rh much more useful.


  • The infinite is better to do when you get a hit, unless the WD will kill them. After you do the infinite, knock them down, then duo immediately.

  • Repulsor Blast is useless. Don’t get cute and try to hit someone with it.

  • Helpers are good for zoning. Don’t combo Proton Cannon because the damage it will do is shitty and besides, you should SAVE YOUR METER FOR DUOS. War Machine is a nice character in his own right, but he really mostly wins off of duos and clock stalling.

Or on the PSX: beat the game with War Machine first. Go to the character select screen again. Highlight Zangief, then press up.

(Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I loved playing crossover mode on the PSX, when the arcade machines or the DC’s-for-rent here were all occupied.)

whats his infinite? please include any timing issues.