~*MvC2 : 10-19-02 - Augusta, GA Results*~

1st - Kevin Hutchins “Evil Gouki” Storm-A/Sent-G/Cammy-A

2nd - Sora Arrington “Tron li” Cammy-A/Storm-B/Tron-G

3rd - Charles Withers “The Iceman” Blacky-B/Cable-B/Clops-B

4th - Antonio McCumber M.Bison-B/Thanos-A/Doomy-B

5th - Sami Ackerman “drfunkenstein2k” Cable-B/Sent-G/Blacky-B
5th - David S. Thomas Sent-G/Doomy-B/Tron-G

7th - Stephen Walker “Playboydojo” Sim-G/Sent-G/CapCom-B
7th - Jose Ruelas “RU-SANE” Eto-A/Storm-A/Sent-G
7th - Zay Duoang “MVC2 Sucks” Cable-B/Doomy-B/Blacky-B

10th - Kenny Dye “Magik” Omega-A/Iceman-A/Doomy-B

Well, for my first ‘serious’ tourney, I think everything went extremely well. ^^ I was happy with the turn out even though 10 really isn’t a lot. ^^ Hopefully more people will come to the next one. Everything went smoothly and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. :slight_smile: Charles had a good run in the tourney, after being put into the losers in the beginning by Kevin, winning back to back matches. Me and Kevin’s matches were all really good and everything was pretty close until about the end. We met in the winner’s finals where we went back and forth ending up in him winning 3-2. I beat Charles 3-0 in the loser’s finals then went on to play Kevin again winning that set 4-0. :eek: Then Kevin switched up to Storm/Sent/Cammy and ended putting me away 3-1. Really good matches. Thanks to everyone for showing up and supporting me. Big thanks for Sami and Kev for coming down here and showing us some crazy crap and why Skillmatic owns our existance. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yeah, I’m not able to distribute APEX points right now due to laziness on the part of Javi, I assume. So, I’m going to try and get all this straightened out very soon so everyone can have their points. If there’s anything you guys can do to help, I’ll post up here ASAP. Sorry for any inconvinence.

A thanos team beat cable teams?


Yeah, this was a great tournament, cuz in the loser’ sbracket, I had to go through hell, just to get 3rd place. Congrads to Kevin for coming down to take 1st Place, but sora made him work for that. N E ways, everybody thanks for coming, and I hope to see u at the next tournament.

Big ups to Sami and Kevin. Way to rep Skillmatic! :evil: Also, I’d like to give props out to Sora, glad to see your first tourney go well. Hopefully I’ll get to attend one of your tourneys in the future.

A phenominal Thanos.

Once again, Iceman proves how much he owns me.:frowning: There are only 3 BH’s that own me like that. Hopefully another will be thrown before I leave. If so maybe I can polish my Strider in time.

anyone try holding up back? vs thanos? sj’ing to avoid doom and then hold up back to go the other way? if you don’t understand what i mean…nm:lol:

Eh, I understand that Thanos doesn’t have an air throw, but I’m sure most of the people that came to this tourney didn’t know that. But regardless, Antonio plays hella good. 'specially with Doomy. He’ll use fly, unfly, needle kick all to their full potential. And he’s crazy good at landing air photons with it being instant, he uses that crap like a bunk AHVB or something. If he played a good Strider in place of Thanos, he would definately be able to play on my level at least.

Thanks, yo. ^^ Hopefully you’ll be able to come down one day. ^^

Mmm, I’m not sure then the next one will be. Either the 9 or 16 weekends of Nov. I’ll just see how it goes since my next two weekends are reserved for the ATL team tourney. I’ll probably have a console ST and CvS2 tourney next time too. Hopefully that will attract a larger crowd. :cool:

Hey Sora, I’ll be at Funsville Tue. Can you make it? I may need you to upload my new avatar for me, too.

I’ll probably be leaving on the 15th. so I really hope the 9th is cool.:frowning:

Mmm, yeah. I’ll try to make it up there. I don’t have any money though. =\ I need to talk to Darin about the next tourney to make sure bringing in a console would be alright. I’m sure it would, but just to get some stuff made sure of. I’ll go ahead and make some flyers tonight reguardless and put them up if everything goes ok. I’ll set it up for the 9th. I really don’t want you to leave. ;_;

Thanks for uploading my av…You won’t believe what happened last night. at 11pm, I called for a cab from Funsville. At around 3am I finally found a ride(not a taxi) back on base. This taxi bullshit is starting to piss me off!:fury:

Anyways, wtf is up with this APEX? It shouldn’t take this long…:bluu:

One more thing: I’ve been trying to find some Su stuff for my computer(meaning I’ll need your computer again:) ) You know where to find any?

In case Sora didn’t tell anyone(and I’m sure he didn’t-little bastard) He got raped by my Iron Man, and Ken made some guest appearences too :slight_smile:

I’m sorry the taxis are so mean to you. ;_; I’ll give you a ride to the gate if you want. And I’ve been waiting hella long for the APEX thing. This weekend I’m going to try and use Ted’s account, just so everyone can get their points.

The next tourney is posted up, check it out…