[MVC2] 100% damage W/O DCH


Do you guys know any 100 %combos that can be easily done at the arcade, W/O DCH ing?

Heres one for Cable with Capcom AAA assist

J.hk / dash c.lk, c.lk, c.hk call capcom xx Time flip , go to the other side, s.lk, s.lk, s.hk, AHVB x3


Mag with IM AAA:

vs. Sentinel

tri-jump in hp, hk, j. lk, j. lk, j. hp, j. hk(infinite), infinite to corner, launch, fierce throw, land, infinite, launch, fierce throw, land infinite a few more reps, call IM, unmashable tempest



And I forgot to mention infinites, no infinites. But that combo is nice.


well it’s an infinite. …

but if you connect a c.lk->c.lk->tronne assist into IM infinite on Cable at the beginning of the match, and then s.fp proton cannon in corner, he dies.

did that to my homeboy.


heres the best combo ever::

go in vs. mode, set the handicap to 5 and choose juggernaut… :lol:


Mag with IM AAA:

(get opponent in corner)

tri jump in hk, land, c. hk, sj. cancel, air dash down, hk, land, c. hp, sj. hk, air dash down to forward, hp, hk, land, c. lp, jump forward, j. lp, lk, hp, hk, hk throw, lk, lk, land, rejump, hk throw, lk, lk, normal jump, lp + IM, lk, hp, c. lk, c. hk, Hypergrav

most die sometime around the time you call IM, but Sent takes a bit longer sometimes

Sent with IM AAA:

(get opponent in corner)

s. lp, s. lp + IM, Rocket Punch XX HSF, launch, lp, lk, lp, lk, fly, hp throw, lk, lk, rocket punch, lk, hp throw, lk + IM AAA, hp, fly down, hk, rocket punch, unfly, (quickly), s. hk, rocket punch



That’s not a combo…


in most cases a glitch mashed-hc can kill just about anyone.


in the corner with ryu

stand hp,hadoken,shinshoryuken.


is that really a 100% combo…? I think it is but i’m not sure i don’t think it takes off EVERYTHING.


yeah on some characters. gotta be in the corner though.


can’t remember everything b/c my DC is broken, but:

Sent w/Cammy AAA (in corner):

c.hk (hit twice), rocket punch XX HSF, dash in launch + Cammy, sj magic series, fly, fp throw, fly.short + Cammy, fly.forward, rocket punch (dp i think). i think you can hit a fp after too, but i haven’t done this combo in a while. i think it works with capcom too, but he might not come out on the second hit b/c he’s slower than cammy.



j.lk, j.lk, cr.lk.+ lariet assist, cr.lk., gamma crush. kills everyone if gief is metal. Pretty close to everyone if he isn’t.


How is it not a combo?


This is a really simple Magneto kill combo:
j.fk, c.fp, sj.fk, ad df, jlk, jlk, c.fp, sjlp, sjlk, fpthrow, j.fk, c.fp, sj.fk, ad df, j.lk, j.lk, c.fp, magic series, ad uf, magic series, tempest

I know, the throw can get predictable, but hey, it’s 100%


I have a real simple sentinel reset combo with Mag proj:

In corner: Throw, OTG, c.lp, c.fp, rocket punch XX HSF, s.fk, /\ sj.mp, sj.mp XX fly, air throw, fly.lk, fly.fp + Mag assist, fly.downward rocket punch

Kills the weaker characters outright, and leaves others, including Sentinel with VERY little life left. You can add in a sj.lk during the magic series, but it usually misses the smaller characters.


do you guys know any doom 100% combos?

But i know a 50% or more damage, very simple.

c.lk, c.lk, c.hp call capcom sj. xx photon array.


With Doom, if in the corner, you can do launch, magic series, airdash downforward, fp throw, photon array. It’ll do around 75% or so, and if you have Storm to DHC, it kills. I know it’s not 100% without DHC, but it’s a damn good Doom combo with or without DHC.


I already know that one, and if your opponent know that your using that combo he’ll tech hit on the throw.


The guy is asking for 100 % combos, not 100% reset combos, that’s why “hyt” said “that’s not a combo”

There are not too many characters that can do 100 % combos, the only ones I can think of are these :

  • Cable : 4 X AHVB
  • Mag : 3 X tempest
  • Hulk : MikeZ’s combos whith only one metter
  • Juggi : maybe two head crushs, but I’ve never tried it