MvC2 2-on-2 Team Tourney!

MvC2 3-on-3 Team Tourney!!

You can help make a little Japanese boy’s dream come true!

Takayuki desperately wants to have a team tourney, and now that both Takayuki AND Mitsu (Japan’s two best Marvel players) are coming from all the way across the world, just for this one game, I think the least we could do is throw a 3-on-3 tourney for them.

I’m thinking that Friday during the tourney pools would probably be the most convenient time for everyone…

So how about it?



When: Friday, Aug 12th; sign-ups start at noon, tourney starts at 1:00pm
Where: BYOC room
How much: $15 per team, regardless of how many people are on the team

-double elimination
-single game, single set (but for the finals, the team coming from the losers bracket must win two sets)
-one-man teams and two-man teams are OK, but you still pay $15 entry
-pot will be split 70/30, and no money will be taken from the pot (all money is given to the top two teams)

I’ll be down to help throw one. I think during the pools of Friday would be good since 90% of the players won’t be doing anything for the most part. Either that or during the semifinal bracket saturday cuz by then, most people who have been eliminated may still have that “grrr… i still want to play” mentality after being eliminated in pools. Getting upset in pools or early in brackets isn’t a good feeling and chances are, you’ll still be hungry for more. This will give them something to chew on until they get peaced out again. Then again, most of the better players may be busy during this time. So we’ll see.

I’m down, bet it!

Ok coOol.

Team is:


Man…would be good to if it was 3 Vs. 3 :pleased: :pleased:

if he wants 2v3 im down, or 2v2 ill be down, *lets help a japanese * found is in full effect

It doesn’t matter if it’s 2-on-2 or 3-on-3, Takayuki just said he wants a team tourney. If it’s 3-on-3, maybe I can be Team Japan’s third member…

Hahahahaha…what a funny guy I am.


Oh ok hehe, Its all for fun and such NKI!!
:pleased: , hope to see you again this year~!!

chi-town is in!

Florida has a 3 man team, so if possible, push for it.

Magneto_x and Joe R. from Southwest! :tup:

Hey NKI,

Are any Japanese XvSF players gonna be at EVO? If so, CigarBOB’s new sticks are japanese set up, and I love to play them.

And we can get down on some games as well.


AzNPuLsE684 and I are down. Hand us that yen.


it done, and theyre done.

If I go to evo, you’re being kicked out of thml.

im down, ill help!

3 on 3 it is then, CLEAN UP ON ISLE 3 !

Tentatively, how about Friday at noon, during the pools? At that time there really isn’t anything entertaining to watch/do, and we should be done before 9:00pm, for those who want to watch “Street Fighter Generations”.

Okie dokie?


Hey that sounds good :pleased:

For the record, we’ll be switching to 3-on-3, rather than 2-on-2.

Whoops, sorry I didn’t reply to this earlier. No Japanese XSF players are going. :sad: