Mvc2 2009 edition


Does anyone know how to get this still? Please when replying how follow legal rules so this can stay open.

Or just PM me :).

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Not sure if posting the iso is legal. You might have to take this to PMs.


Changed first post.

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They pop up randomly in the trading outlet so look there.


what the fuck?


pretty sure you can still buy it used from not guaranteed to come with case/manual though. PS2 version that is.



Mvc2 2009 edition is a special mod ( can I say mod? ) where the community had everyone pitch in to select which alt music/color was switched in.

Again if I said anything I cant let me know and Ill change it.

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I had no idea about this


well there was a guide to swap out the music. guessing its one of those things for dc and ps2.

I think cvs2 had to those mixes too. I believe gameplay was never altered. just music and outfit colors.


Dam maybe its called something else. There are customized changes for mvc2 that you can just get without having to do it yourself.

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There was some hosted by Eidrian - the SRK mix and Toodles mix 08’.
His page is dead unf.
The mixes were DC only btw.


were there any cvs2 remix??



The 2009 mix had multiple color palettes and sound tracks done by multiple people and you could switch them up and choose different palettes with different sound tracks. Every true MvC2 fan has at least one copy.

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man i must be a fake fan then, i never even heard of this :frowning:

theres also this


Know where I can get one still?

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Wth you have to buy the mixes? What has the community come to >__<

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Best bet is some sort of p2p file sharing system. Can’t post links or anything here so I won’t. None the less, I don’t even know of any place to get it at this time. Just look around.

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no sirve que mal