MVC2 3'S sat July 22nd PDX (Tilt)

MVC2 , 3’s double elimination 5$ entry fee per tourney
4 Those who may not be able to make it due to short notice don’t worry cause we got time for 1 last tourney before Las Vegas

time to practice

I find it pretty nasty that someone scheduled this the sameday as our DR tourney. I was tryin to get you guys to come up here!! Comon! The Canadians are coming here to play Tekken!!! You guys should come up as well…

i cant come to this tourny got other plans on the 22nd have fun everybody

kof xi?


I wish :sad:

If there was a KoF XI tourney sometime later, I’m sure I’d be able to bring someone up with me to play (Cesar aka KYO84).

Okay, if people will actually SIGN UP FOR THE DAMN TOURNEY THIS TIME (P.S. sam b don’t back out at the last moment again lol because that fucked us over last time :/) I’ll take care of brackets and everything. Back before XI half of the people didn’t show for the other KOF tourney that was planned. Since there won’t be many people, how about winner takes all? I’ll go talk to junior today, but you guys better be sure that you wanna have this. I don’t wanna be holding an empty bracket 5 mins before golden time :<

I’m going to see if Drew wants to go. Who else is comin?

Uh…this for XI right? I probably won’t make it if theres a tourney this time but LATER would be possible. Still gotta register for Evo, buy plane tickets, and book a room this week or next. Sorry if my original post was misread.

Portland_Drama who the fck are you, shut up.

uhhhh valll a start time would be helpful

sighn up’s 2pm (Now I know how to run a bracket this time around):lovin:

What time does it actually start? Is there going to be KOF with it too? There’s a couple people who are supposed to be pretty good wanting to come up. Is Jmar coming so I can get my money back? And is there any interest in playing Friday night?

count me out niggah’s i’m going to the beach with my girlfriend peace
p.s. yo sam i think i know who “Portland_Drama” is! remix!!!

What The Fuck!!! Kof Is Not In The Tournament!!!

I’m going to own everybody at MvC2 at this tournament! I’ve been in two tourney matches with Chunksta since I came down here and I beat one of the top 8 at Evo West clean! Bring it on! I’m ready! I’m…

Oh. Right. California and stuff.

Never mind. :sweat:

Wack! You just did that last time I came up. See if it’s cool with her to go on Sunday. And Stilt I couldn’t tell if that meant you’re comin or jokin.

sorry i can’t but, if you wanna play came down on friday.

Possibility of playin at Phongsacks?