MvC2: A Universal Combo Documentation Method?


Okay, in other words, I think we all should agree upon one method to list combos. I believe if we DO adapt to this, then new players to the game, who we should be trying to help out, will be more inclied to fall away from button mashing and fall back on combos, and eventually being able to come up with them themselves.

As a late disclaimer, in no way do I intend to impress my ideas on anyone. This is just a suggestion for a universal combo documenting system that will make it easier to understand for everyone else. So here’s my suggestion on what we should use.

Okay, to start off, combos should begin in this manner.

(Point Character) w/ (Assist ((if any)) - (Assist Type and Greek Letter)


Sentinel w/ Storm - Alpha Projectile

This eliminates any question of the point character, assist character, and which assist is being used, all the information is right there.

Now for the actual combo itself. Here’s the basic terminology.

s.x = standing attack
c.x = crouching attack
oc.x = offensive crouching attack (hold down/forward)
dc.x = defensive crouching attack (hold down/back)
j.x = jumping attack
sj.x = superjumping attack
f.x = flying attack
uf.x = unfly mode attack
ad.x = attack done while still in the air dash motion (you are no longer in sj or normal jump mode, i think it needs it’s own term)

x.lp = light punch (jab) = medium punch (strong)
x.hp = hard punch (fierce) = light kick (short) = medium kick (forward) = hard kick (roundhouse)

Yes, don’t use, to mean hit the buttons in combination. This can be confusing while listing infinites and delay combos, or resets. I think if we all start using l,m,h format, there will be less confusion if something is a light or medium attack.

Now for things to suggest repetition or adding on to a combo.

[ ] = These brackets are commonly used in posting infinites. You mainly see at the end of an infinite (repeat in brackets). If everyone knows that brackets means repeat, then what the hell, why say it has to be repeated?

{ } = Addition to a combo. This mainly will be used ONLY for combos that can be extended if you are in a corner type situation. Sentinel has this a lot, he can do SO much in the corner.

xx = use this to denote cancelling commands or special moves. An example would be with sentinel again., xx fast fly, + assist xx f.dp rocketpunch

What this is saying is do a standing hard kick, then a superjumping lk which is cancelled into fast fly, then while in fly mode do a light kick along with calling the assist then cancelling into a flying dragon punch motion rocket punch.

XX = Super Cancel. Use capital XX’s only when denoting cancelling into a Supermove. Example with Sentinel again (he can do pretty much everything but airdash, so I’ll use him mostly for examples), [s.hp xx s.hp rocketpunch XX HSF]. What this combo is saying is do a standing hard punch (fierce), cancel that into a standing hard punch (fierce) rocketpunch, then super cancel that into a Hyper Sentinel Force, this combo can be repeated as it is in the brackets used to distinguish this as an infinite.

Here are some other abbreviations that are commonly used that might not be widely known to some people.

d = down
d/f = down-forward
f = forward
u/f = up-forward
u = up
u/b = up-back
b = back
d/b = down back

QCF = quarter circle forward (d, d/f, f + X)
QCB = quarter circle back (d, d/b, b + X)
HQCF = high quarter circle forward (u, u/f, f + X)
HCF = half circle forward (b, d/b, d, d/f, f + X)
HCB = half circle back (f, d/f, d, d/b, b + X)
DP = dragon punch motion (f, d, d/f + X)
RDP = reverse dragon punch motion (b, d, d/b + X)
DU = down then up (down, up + X)
BF = back then forward (back, forward + X)
CDU = charge down, then up (charge down, up + X)
CBF = charge back, then forward (charge back, forward + X)
360 = complete a 360 motion with the joystick (u/b, b, d/b, d, d/f, f, u/f + X - you don’t need to do a full 360, you might even be able to start at just b, and rotate to u/f with this)
720 = complete 2, 360 motions with the joystick (you have to complete one full rotation, then do the aforementioned 360 motion)
TK = TigerKnee motion (d, d/f, f, u/f + X)
RTK = Reverse TigerKnee motion (d, d/b, b, u/b + X)
SB/LA = SmartBombs / Lightning Attack (lk + hp)

I believe that is everything that can be abbreviated in the game, other than common abbreviations (AHVB, LA, HSF etc…)

If anyone else has anything to add, feel free to do so. I want to educate the community on combos if they’re not too keen on abbreviations. This is simply meant to help, not trying to enforce any type of specific abbreviations or notation of combos, it’s just easier if we all use a common system.



Edit: Here are some common abbreviations that you might want to know… I’m at work and printing shit out, so i have nothing better to do at the time. LOL

Anakaris - Anarkis (not an abbreviation, but common mispelling/pronunciation)
Blackheart - BH
B.B. Hood - BBH, Bulleta
Cable - Scrub (not really tho…)
Captain America - CapAm
Captain Commando - Capcom, Captain KO, Crapcom, Cap
Charlie - Nash
Chun Li - Chunnie, Chunners, etc…
Cyclops - Cyke, Clops
Dhalsim - 'Sim
Doctor Doom - Doom, DD
Iron Man - IM
Juggernaut - Juggs, Jugglenuts
M.Bison - Bison, Vega
Magneto - Mags, 'Neto, Magnus
MegaMan - Ey!, MM
Omega Red - OR
Psylocke - Psy, Psy-slut
Roll - R0ll, Perfect R0ll (may be non-existent)
Ruby Heart - RH, Ruby
Sentinel - Sent, Senty
Servbot - Kobun, Lego-man
Shuma-Gorath - Sexy beast, Shuma
Silver Samurai - SilSam
SonSon - SS
Spider Man - Spidey, SM (not sure, only seen it like once)
Tron Bonne - T.Bonne, T-Bone, Tron-whore
War Machine - WM
Wolverine (Adamantium) - A.Wolverine, Wolvie
Wolverine (Bone Claw) - B.Wolverine, Bonerine
Zangief - Sexier Beast, 'Gief

Common Move/Super Abbreviations:
HSF: Hyper Sentinel Force
RP: Rocket Punch
LA: Lightning Attack
LS: Lightning Storm
TKHVB: [Tiger-Knee] (Air) Hyper Viper Beam
HGT, Grav-Tempest, G-T…: Hyper-Grav xx Magnetic Tempest

Uh, that’s all I can think of right now, I’m not in an abbreviatory (??) mood I guess, plus it’s time for my cigarette break at work. I’ll post more later. Peace.


Wow thanks for re-inventing combo notation dude!!!:lame:
but I think a standard has already been set, for like a couple years now…


okay, you obviously are being close minded… if you’ve been around, then you know that different places use different notations for various things, and not all of everyone understands what each individual part of the combo means… and like I said, lots of people go lk, lk, when they mean lk, mk… like i said, this can be misleading when talking about infinites or whatever else you can do with that…

nothing like being unappreciative, i never said i invented all of this, asshole


I said you re-invented it
plus everyone knows to use Mike… um what’s his faces combo notation, I forget his name but yeah, everyone uses his, it’s kinda like yours except people actually use it…:wink:
plus when people keep making their own combo notations it just makes things more confusing…
PS- call me an asshole again and expect a c.fp to the G-R-O-I-N you have been warned.


i’m not making my own dude, i’m just adding in all the stuff people never use because it only applies to like 5 moves in the whole game.

Lots of people don’t know what oc. means, to be honest. They expect to read it as d/, when it’s proper name is That’s all I’m trying to do, cuz there’s a lot of new people coming here everyday, especially with the PS2 version and the arrival of online play on XBox. A Lot of new players might be confused. That’s what I’m trying to do, I know most people use this, just some people don’t.


I don’t think you can make a standard for combos anymore… Its like a dialect now. You can want things to be changes so that they make sense, but I think it’s a steep hill toward making everybody just suddenly follow a new set of rules. Hell… how can I stop my friend from calling soda, “pop” ? it just won’t happen, cuz he’s a stubborn bitch, and pop is what he’ll always use, because that’s what he’s learned to call soda.


you forgot the uh … smartbomb command. just tellin ya:D

oh and for feebback: i like the idea but i think that if someone or you just expanded/edit (put smartbombs in;)) your opening post then it could be turned around and used for the newer people or confused people, to reference all the “custom notation” that is used; and also have the real notation that is supposed to be used, it’s like 50 - 50. some people actually list them understandingly and some are confusing and decieving, like the: lk, lk or is it lk, mk? i run into that a lot. putting up like a table and listing everything would be nice to have on hand instead of trying to translate some of them. like:

lk = short = weakick = the bottom green button hehe, or whatever you want to do with it.

so if you get c.fp in the groin will that launch you or will you bounce off the gun into the air and get xxed into ahvb?:evil:


yea, i know I missed SB’s, but i figured since it’s just buttons, i shouldn’t list it, i wasn’t sure how to write it down, since there’s more than just smartbombs that uses the command, even though pretty much everyone calls it “smartbombs”.

Maybe if I have free time this weekend I’ll make a nice fancy chart thing with some art in the background or something, i dunno.

Oh yea, your ass is getting XX’d into HVB, but who the hell is gonna use c.fp for anything other than guardbreaks or to attack when you’re in that range where you can’t stand up? I think other than those two situations, c.fp is useless.

And in that range I mean you’re ducking a missed AHVB that doesn’t quite reach you. The c.fp will knock Cable down, cuz you can’t stand up to wavedash, AHVB has immediate recovery, and Cable has no launcher with that height and range, sucks for him, oh well.

XX that shit into HVB DHC to Hail, DHC to HSF, ownage


you can sj cancel c.hp into ahvb


Umm i think the c.hp he was reffering to is the one aimed towards the crotch from which there is no recovery if it connects and only combos dirrectly into my win pose…

Also… man if someone posted that it would cause mass confusion… that is why I dislike this thread, when you make more combo notations it’s only getting harder to understand… sometimes if you want people to understand how to do a combo you just are going to have to explain… and what about triangle jump notation:confused: my head hurts…

Oh yeah and BTW that Cable c.hp into AHVB is slick especially if you can get the gunshot out also but then the window to cancel is like < 1/4 second but forreal talk about flashy.


man i just wanted t be funny, no need for all that :smiley:
and also i was really bored and was working on my idea for a lame combo vid: “EVERYMOVE CABLE HAS XX’ED INTO AHVB”. i mean seriosly like everything can. his standing weak punch can for god sakes. and i’ll file that one next to"101 TO LINK IRON MANS INFINATE" . i actually spent like three hours on saturday morning killing time before i had to work and linked off of like 40 people’s assists, and a handful of charachters have more than one assists that will link. its retarded.


triangle jumping isn’t a move, it would be something like sj xx ad d/f with any notes in parenthesis

and what’s so confusing about oc? it means offensive crouch, it’s written within itself, what can be confusing?


i think its because its not used often. unfamialiarity to the term. i didn’t know what it was called untill about 2 weeks ago. i just used EX: standing down/forward fierce punch, for cables launcher.


sorry but i didn’t even bther reading…1st of all way too long second of all “A Universal Combo Documentation Method?” wtf can of name is this…i guess iam the newbie here…u dont get any credit for doing this shit so…keep it low…no bad feelings…


okay, i don’t know who you think you are, but I was trying to help. I’m sure if you looked at the rest of this thread, it was all constructive criticism. Stop flaming, you make yourself look like an ass. I think I’m atleast decently respected on the boards, since I do post often, so I’m sure people know I had good cause in my heart. But like I said, I THINK I’m respected. I know i’m no SiN, shadyk, or eKiN, but I’m not some random mini tao person flaming without reason. So, stop.

If I’m wrong about any of this, I’m sorry in advance. Thanks.


whoa whoa…iam not flaming…sorry if u thought i was not respecting u…i was juss trying to say that mvc2 is getting old and i dont think u need to spend so much effort on this. i would have typed sweating if i will put effort into universal…what?..iam juss gonna call it combo ebreiviations k? hard feelings right?


alright, you just didn’t come across so friendly…

and i don’t understand what’s hard to comprehend about the topic title, all the worlds are 3rd grade ones…

and it’s not like i put a lot of effort into it, it’s all common stuff, but with XBL version possibly coming out, and the PS2 version, we’re getting more and more new people. This is here to help them, since they might not know what all the different things mean, it’s obviously not for vets, since we all have a general understanding of combo lingo. I originally posted for this to try and make a universal combo notation, but since everyone has their own thing, that’s not possible. Instead, It’s more for the new people to the game.

no hard feelings, you just didn’t come across very friendly, my bad tho.


origonally posted by wildcat
it’s all common stuff, but with XBL version possibly coming out, and the PS2 version, we’re getting more and more new people. This is here to help them, since they might not know what all the different things mean, it’s obviously not for vets, since we all have a general understanding of combo lingo. I originally posted for this to try and make a universal combo notation, but since everyone has their own thing, that’s not possible. Instead, It’s more for the new people to the game


hey wildcat, about the whole new people and there seems to be quite a few, at least for cvs2; i predict the same for mvc2 when the xbl is launched. before the boards were seperated it seemed to me that there were a ton more mvc2 players here then cvs2. whered they come from? anyway, i like what you tried to do, with the combo notaion and it gave me an idea for something to do with the newbies. there going to be hitting the boards as well when xbox live is launched and soon after, do you think it will explode like cvs2 did and if so then there will be a shit load of the same questions asked over and over and i think in spirit of what you tried to do with the notation im thinking of making a combo vid to be displayed in the shoryuken multimedia tab with the others. stuff that is basic but to a newbie isn’t going to be and stuff that usually goes unsaid or unexplained in some degree. also some of the more common combos. by this i mean, unmashable tempests, iron man launch into infinate combos, the more basic sentinel wall combos. because when i first started coming here i never posted and hardly understood the notation and had to rely on seeing it done by my peers at the arcade and at tournys, untill i saw combo vids and thay explained it. but then most combo vids leave out a lot of stuff like that (what i mentined before) so ithink that that would be a good idea. but i dont want to do this without support because A. i dont know how, but i do have acess to the equipment. B. i try to play everyone, in fact besides strider/doom and spiral i play all the top tier, semi top people and assists. what are your ideas/comments on this?


well if MvC2 live ever does come out, then I definately think this is a good idea.

I’m fully behind any type of “trying to get knowledge out” type of movement, which is why I made this post in the first place.

If you need any specific help I’m sure you can find it on these boards, and if worse comes to worse, I can help you cuz my friend Brian is a pro at this shit.

Anything you might want to know also I can probably assist you with, I know some decent beginner stuff that they would find astounding.

Great idea, but like I said, it’s probably only worth it if MvC2live is ever released


well with the rescent news it doesnt look so good. but anyways i still think it would be a good resource. for the newbies it would be a godsend cause i know how much i wouldve loved it when i was new.

im gonna make a list over the weekend and try to come up with all the big ones. ill pm you the list for you to add you thought and/or whatever you think is missing or needed or shouldn’t be in there if you’d like.

thanks for the support

you just watch someone like shadyk or ekin will read this and do it themselves :’(

if you have msn then ping me.