MvC2: Adamantium Wolverine




How come there’s no thread for Adat. Wolvie?

Can he still XX Air Super?

Any good Combos/tips/assists/etc?


the reason there isn’t any posts for ad wolverine is because he kind of stinks…he doesn’t do much damage…and doesn’t have any special moves that are extremely good…

That’s probably why no one is responding to your question…

I do play him a little bit though…his super after the low HK, I don’t think it works… plus its not worth doing because the damage sucks…that super is only good for chipping…


only in the corner.

damb capcom toned him down so much from marvel vs capcom 1. why is his health so low? Now his c.hp is too slow coming out to combo it, and it doesnt do enough stun to the enemy to even combo his super off it.

Doom AAA works well with him. (but then again, doesn’t he work well with anyone?)

One good thing about him is that his speed up super makes him have the fastest dash in the game.

my best advice to using him is to put him as your point character. Maybe a team of Wolvie/Sent/Doom. just dash around quickly with doom and hopefully chip. This may annoy the opponent and cause them to be careless. If you see an oppening, try to land a combo, like lp, lk, lp berserker barage X to DHC into Sent and then go from there, or you could do launch, magic series, drill claw for decent damage. If my knowledge serves me correctly, wolverine builds meter fairly fast, so it shouldn’t be a problem to get sentinel in there to finish the job.

one thing you should be carefull of is that both his supers besides his super speed one have horrific lag and leave wolvie open. One combo from the big four will take off nearly all of his life. Just play smart.


I see…
Thanks for the suggestions guys.


HP Berzerker Slash is okay to use to protect assists. Just make sure you’re not a complete screen away. Okay at 3/4 or less.


Wolverine is good. Joe Zaza wrote a War & Peace novel on the Wolverines, but it’s gone now. :frowning: Maybe he’ll be up to rewriting it if I ask him…


I love wolvie, but it’s hard to use him effectively as he takes damage as bad as Akuma (if not worse) and has zero range attacks, you’re best bet is constant rush down as he’s one of the fastest characters in the game.

If you get his grabs… mash like hell. 2nd most damaging next to Spiral’s punch throw.

You’re basic air combo…
d.lp,, d.lp, launch, sj.lp,, sj.lp, sj.lp,, drill claw for the basic combo.

however, you could do…
d.lp,, d.lp, launch, sj.lp,, sj.lp, sj.lp, PAUSE foward and firece punch throw and mash like hell. Though tech hits are possible it’s fun to mash like hell, and it’s more dmg

and if your opponent doesn’t roll too much or tech hit, grabbing is your friend. Grab (mash like hell)… if they roll, they’ll come back for another Grab. If they don’t roll, you can rush them and Grab again. It’s as bad as Magento’s mind game with the exception they can Tech Hit anytime. Both, either FP or RH throws are deadly.

You can also,, fierce barrage xx big X super. It’s rollable, but you gotta be quick. If they dont’ roll after the super, it’s a free grab.


dude, its not like they cant escape the grab without tech hitting. they can move before you can grab them by super jumping or even regular jumping.
But yeah, I agree his grab is really good next to spirals and commandos.


Do you only play adam wolv…or would you mind talk on boneclaw?


With either wolvs…one of the best moves is the down…forward and FP…most people don’t use this too much…those people are BIG FOOLS…:smiley:

This usually beats outs assists that you wouldn’t think it could…also…you can do a FP berserker barrage afterwards for a lot of damage (especially if you are boneclaw)… also the sliding claw beats out a lot of supers…
The sweetest way to use this move is against sentinel…If he does his drone super and is within range of the slide…you can slide under it…(safest way is to block the first set of drones and then slide)…you can also slide without blocking any…but timing is a little more difficult…how’s that for style…and you can do this without push blocking…

With wolverines…you should also abuse his standing FP…especially to protect assists…works real good…if you have good spacing…

On a side note…the main reason I like boneclaw is because of his slide assist…the other wolverine doesn’t have any useful assists…


which and/or how does wolverine do that intangible dash and slash move? i saw a dude rushdown with a wolverine (don’t know which one, he had both) and did that move to go through the opponent. before he did, he called sent’s ground assist. the opponent blocked the wrong way, got hit, and then wolverine continued his assault. what’s that frekken move!?



The Berserker Claw? The one where he spreads his arms and then just dashes straight foward and slices once? It’s just QCB+P. He probably did Fierce punch, since that sends you farther accross the screen, I think, I’m not too sure on the science of the move.


Even though they can tech hit or jump out of it… it’s like I said, you do constant rushdown, and if they DON’T tech hit much, then you might have an upper hand on them not expecting grabs.

The QCB+P with metal wolvie will basically teleport you to that spot on the screen and attack… i think Jab is about 1/4 of the screen, and FP is across the whole screen. This moves, if i’m not mistaken, goes thru anything. It’s basically a teleport attack, but I could be wrong, but I know that you can end up behind the enemy with a disadvantage. The bonerine doesn’t have it… but bonerine is a bit faster and stronger than metal one

Bonerine has a pretty good combo in the corner I’ve seen… it’s the same as I listed, but after drill claw you can do more hits. I don’t play him much as he loses that Air X super.
Also, unlike Metal Wolvie, his WON’T trip the character like Metal Wolvie, which allows you to combo Berserker Barrage super much easier… d.lp d.fp fierce barrage xx super
Bone can also drill claw twice in the air if his first drill claw is attached to the wall on a SJ, as well as infinite Jabs, and do Tornado Claw in the air.

But in the end… both wolverines just got f*cked over in MvC2.


You can combo into it from standing strong. The timing’s really tight, though.


really? my bad

I once saw this video of metal wolvie doing a combo like this

jlp, jlk, jlp, jhp, land, lp, lk, clp, hk (launch), sj lp, sj lk, sj lp, sj lk, down + hk, drill claw, somehow commando comes out with his AAA, Wolvie air super. (fatal claw I think)

can anyone explain how commando is able to come out while Wolvie is superjumping? I think its the same deal as how with doom you can hk in the air during a superjump, then dash, and call assist. can anyone comfirm this?

I was messing around with both wolverines at the local arcade the other day and I actually beat a team of Mag/sent/cable with my wolvie/wolvie/doom team. In one match, I grabbed him like 25 times in the air with wolvie, especially his sentinel. the look on his face was priceless. But then he started tech hitting every time. dead wolvie.


I saw in a combo movie where Wolverine activates his speed powerup, then he does some combos with a Gambit Kinetic card assist, and then does a Beserker Barrage XX weapon X…

I tried the Beserker Barrage XX Weapon X…I couldn’t do it.


The super combo that should be most often with either wolverines is the lp,lp, low fp (not the slide), Assist1+assist2…(the double, triple team thing)…works every time…just make sure you don’t can any screwy team supers…

I like playing wolverine with ryu’s fireball assist…and rogue…they work pretty good in the triple team…


Drill Clawing assists is really good.

BB xx BBX combos are trash. Better to just do it off s.strong or s.forward. Or, you could learn the tornado claw xx fatal claw combo.

And team super with Wolverine does like no damage unless you have a partner whose team super has a lot of hits (ie. Gambit).


I was using Metal Wolvie agianst my friend and my god…

I can’t believe how much of a pussy Capcom made him…

Damnit I used to remember his rawness from MSHvsSF…

He’s an alright assist, but I want to still use him…


Eh…don’t worry too much about comboing Fatal Claw. It’s main purpose is as a blowthrough super, since it’s quite invincible when it starts. If you got a good DHC 2nd, it makes a nice assist punisher…