MvC2: Advanced Tactics II (as seen at Evo)

This video was meant to be useful instead of flashy. The video can be found here (along with transcript), The credits were ppl that I had talked to about content, there are a bunch of other people that I didn’t mention cause I tried to keep the video quiet for a while.

The reaction to the video at evo was pretty quiet. NKI’s video had a lot more reaction from the crowd but its like apples and oranges in this case. However, I’m still pretty curious to know what MvC2 players think of it. Unlike VA.

[media=youtube]Xf_us3XgEEw[/media] youtube version

awesome, awesome video magnetro, great info just by watching what is going on. thanks

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As a marvel player, I love this video.

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sweet video btw

Wow good shit :tup:

I must have said “smart stuff” a million times watching this. Double thx for the transcript.


I got a few questions, I’ll ask later via PM probably.

what codec do you need to watch this on Mac quicktime? it’s not opening for me.

great work :tup: Marvel has a lot to do with being safe as long as possible and this shows what people may have thought was safe but is punishable, like magnetos rocket punch snap+assict kill or psylockes hk throw ,and what people may not have thought was safe like storm dashing through magnetic shock wave. I look forward to any other vids you put out there :woot:

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This is a much needed video to all people worrying about ‘randomness’. Much appreciated.

Downloading now!

Actually a lot of stuff is still safe if people choose to DHC and people are beginning to abuse unblockable DHCs more and more often.

Also against people that like to rocket punch with Sent, my goal is to kill Sent rather than to kill the assist (if you can kill the assist go for it but if it’s a toss up of Sent vs Assist I choose Sent). If you can predict your opponents patterns you can get in a box jump over the rocket punch into air fp fk -> infinite -> etc for kill (dhc/reset). On low level, players suck with special assist characters such as commando, cyc, psy, tron, etc, but on higher level it isn’t a free kill and if you let Sent live you will live to regret it. Letting Sent live means that you open yourself to a potential DHC into AC into unblockable into incoming char (guard break->air->ground)/unblockable super air combo unblockable super = dead char etc.

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Video = Good

James Lipton AV = Better

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just for the record, there is a good way to punish a storm that’s trying to spam hailstorms if you have storm with sent next (like that’s not common). I remember mentioning this to Potter back when I went to UCLA and played him there but I guess it didn’t catch on cuz I’ve never seen it done (maybe I just missed it).

There’s obvious a point when it’s too late to do this but, you do an AHVB style typhoon and cancel it into lightning storm. The typhoon should hit and stop the hail storm right after it starts. Now as the hail is about to hit you (shouldn’t be as much since the typhoon stops it) the lightning storm should just be activating allowing you to cancel to HSF. If timed right, the typhoon stops the HS, a little bit of lightning that comes out of the LS should hit their storm, and the HSF should cause sent to be missed by the HS while the drones catch storm from the lightning.

I caught my bro with this in a match where one HS would chip my storm to death, and my sent was almost dead, while he had 4 bars and a little over half life with storm, which got me the win.