MvC2: Air Throwing

Could someone plz explain the concept of air throwing to me…It seems like this is the single most difficult thing for me to do on this game [besides infinites, which Im not too concerned with anyway for the moment…]…but anyway, could someone explain this to me?

What helps me with air throwing is to slow down the hits during an air combo. For instance, with Mag-launch, sj.lp,, sj.lp., forward + fierce or roundhouse. Air throws allow for longer combos with some characters, (they are very techable, but still fun to do on unsuspecting players)

Mag, Sent, and Cammy all have extended corner air combos after a throw (Cammy doesn’t have to be in the corner for her extended throw combo). Look in the character specific threads for those combos. Or you can just IM me on AIM (“JollyDudeRancher” or “LpDragonNinja420”) if you want any character specifc air throw combos, as i’m pretty big on those. Air throwing is good, you just need to know when to and not to use/abuse it.

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i know what you mean, man. for some reason, a lot of my air throws don’t connect when i do an AC. the easiest for me so far, is cammy. c. fk, really slowly… sj. lp, sj. lk, then fp air throw. trust me, it works. i suck at air throws, and i do this. i’ve also done her double jump AC into the air throw. after that, OTG into another launch into her killer bee assault super. she’s the easiest, in my opinion.

beware of the tech.

if you are on the recieving sideof the throw, you tech, they gb tou; thats a lot of damage you didn’t neccissarily want to deal with.

on another note, you should also learn how to punish a tech.

Some people can punish a tech… some not. My favorite way is to have an anti-air assist on screen when I catch them (usually, outside of an air-combo), so they get hit with it whether or not I throw them.

Can every character Air Throw off a combo? I’d be really interested in adding air throw combos to to my Hayato game (it’s flashy), but no one seems to really know how to do it. I hear that having an air dash seems to help…

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Well see, setting up a throw is a lot about postitioning more than else. Also, to throw someone, they have to be out of hitstun, which is why pausing in your combos to thow works.

Some characters have set ups that lead to the throw without much of a pause, giving your opponent less of an idea of what your about to do. Ie:

dhalsim(in corner), oc.hp, sj.hp, a/d df, land, jump, hp throw

magneto, c.hp,, a/d df, hp/hk throw

doom,, sj.lp,, sj.lp,, a/d df, hp throw, APA

You get the point…

Also, hayato is easy to air throw with, just do an air combo, pause, hp throw.

what are really good characters to air throw with? i’ve noticed with some characters, it’s plainly obvious that they’re going to air throw. with others, i don’t notice until the throw is done. and for me, it’s harder to tech out of some air throws than others. against doom, it’s easier to tech out of than magneto (i just can’t for some reason). what are your guys’ thoughts?

Magneto is a character you want to air throw alot with for obvious reasons. Others include [but aren’t limited to]…

-Megaman, Cammy [Can combo off them if you don’t tech hit]
-Hulk [low altitude for otg attempts],
-tron Bonne [especially on cornered foes],
-Sentinel, Doom [ in corners. can combo off it AND GB if you tech hit]
-Cable-b [clears jumping in opponents safely without needing to call in assists].

I also like to air throw with BH.

Okay kinda get it. So basically what you do isdo an aircombo, then npause so they can get out of hitstun, then f+hp/hk, right? Okay, doesnt this mean (since theyre out of hitstun) that they could possibly throw you as well as you throwing them?

Yeah… that’s why so many air combos into throws turn into tech hit fests.

umm i have a throw combo with mags. c.hp sj hk dash d/f lk lk as soon as you land, sj dash d/f hk. i had a problem throwing too, but for some reason, the hk throw seems to come out most of the time as long as when you re-sj dash d/f you are touching the guy. do this in the corner and then before landing, lk lk sj into infinate.