MvC2: Akuma - General Strategy and Basics



i just started with akuma and I want to know if any of u know any stratigies combos etc.



bread and butter combo?: dash in, (, s.hp)or(,, s.hp) hp firballxx the beam fire that i forgot walkts it called, then mash as hell. Pretty good damage if you tell me.

launch, sj.lp the hk hurrican kick, 3 hits, the super air fireball. doesn’t usually work well on small characters.

Um his dash is fast, but he takes hit like a “girl”

His teleport is instint at the start but not at the end. unlike skrarua.

I believe his dive kick is safe, because it hits multiply times, I might be wrong though.

I think he got 2 set of infinite, ones only work on servbot i believe, and the other work on anyone.

servbot:qcf+kk, land, [,, s.lp]

anyone:opponet in the air:[ j.lp,, qcb+k] (if i remember correctly)

there you have it, I was also bored, so i decided to post.


well thanks any way


does anyone know how to chain the raging demon from a combo???


You can’t combo it. For the RD to hit, your opponent can’t be in hitstun. This explains why Akuma just kinda glides into the opponent when you DHC to a Raging Demon. Besides, it only does 70 damage, and his air Hurricane Kick glitch does can meet or beat that easily.


You can combo into it. I can anyway through a jump in combo, Jump in with lp, land+lp, then the followingf+lk, hp. :smiley:


dont bother with the raging demon, the hurricane kick glitch, does almost same amount of damage, by cancellling that glitch into a air super, you might get more, and besides its literally impossible getting the raging demon into a super


yea, RD is a waste if ya ask meeh… the best time to use it is on a bad recovery move.


raging demon is sort of useful…if you super cancel into it…it’s guaranteed in very few cases…example…if opponent is blocking a super in the air (not very high) and you cancel into a RD at close range. Like maybe…wolverine’s beserker barrage…
or if you play marrow do a bone super at close range and they attempt to jump and block it…cancel into a RD…

It just costs too many supers…otherwise it would be worthwhile…



akuma doesnt take damage well fool dont use him if you ask me they should have put cyber akuma in the game and made him a flier :smiley: use somone that doesnt die as fast kid.


can’t you connect RD with some capture assist


how many capture assist are there? mag’s wont work, because his assist leaves the guy off the ground, so the RD wont work, ruby’s assist, tell you the truth, i dont know, but …akuma’s RD, could be too slow after her assist, by that time the opp. wouldve probably escaped the chain thing, but hey give it a try, its not really worth the 3 super bars, but if you want to do it, no ones stopping you, and bonesaw is right…i think, about cancelling an air super when its blocked, example: doom’s air photon beam, while the opp. is blocking that, you can cancel into ragin demon, but really…only do this when you think you pretty much, have the game…cuz i know you can use those 3 supers for a better way, i know its temptin to use it, hell if psylocke had a triple super that’d get her naked, i’d use it when i could…fuck the match


correct me if i’m wrong but i don’t think the raging demon will hit anyone if they’re in stun from either a capture move or normal hit stun. i believe shuma’s chaos dimension is the only super grab that can do that.


bonesaw: nice colossus marvel masterpiece pic. i almost have every marvel card in existance in mint condition. and that pic just hit me. back in the early 90’s. that card set was the shit.


You can connect the RD after Capt. America’s Final Justice. Too fucking good! Use only on the last opponent, otherwise it’s a waste of 4 meters, literally.


Akuma is too good. Many people will tell you not to use him because he takes too much damage. But that isn’t stoping experts from using Strider Hiryuu(his defence sucks just as much), right? Akuma has so many strenghs including his speed, instant startup of his shoryu super(forgot how to spell it), his teleport, his hurricane air combo glitch, and his ability to punish even a tiny lag with a dash in combo. His beam super also hurts like h*** especially if you are a good masher.


Although it is kinda fun to be notorious for the raging demon. A guy I played would use Ken, akuma, ryu. And he was good enough to be able to abuse the RD. When he got 4 meters he’d pull out Ken’s triple upper super (name?), and while that has you pinned, xx into RD. However…it is escapable…if you can figure out how…


see but strider is used with doom to be effective, im not saying he’s not effective w/o doom, its just that he has a better chance of winning, also note that most, if not all his supers have an immense lag if missed,where as in strider the only super you’d use is his ouro super which doesnt have any lag time at all, i use strider teleport assist/doom aaa / akuma hurricane kick, been fighting my friends cable/sent/bh, so far so good, been winning, akuma can bitchslap any assist if not protected, with his hurricane kick glitch


~ *** s n i p *** ~



ive landed it on different occasions, after killing cable, capcom came out, while he was still coming in, i did it immediately, another was when my frend tried a jump in with cable, i smacked him with a lp, then before he landed i activated the rd and got him