MvC2 Analyses: Full-Screen Terror

I’m a normal/special/super move full-screen connoisseur and am pretty much bored out of my mind tonight, so… This is a thread to simply list those moves of each character that can hit a full-screen, standing opponent . Moves that involve the character’s body moving forward will be noted with an asterisk.


-fireball (air)
-*divekick (angle specific)
-*messatsu gou-shouryuu
-messatsu gou-hadoken
-tenma gou-zenkuu

-child of the ground: ram & grab
-rule of the plants

-pharoah judgment (angle specific)
-pharoah cobra throw
-pharoah magic (angle specific)
-*pharoah illusion (starting with hp/hk)

-smile & missile
-low smile & missile
-hop & missile
-cool hunting
-*hyper apple for you (ending bombs only)

Blackheart: (angle specific)
-dark thunder (lp only)
-inferno (hp only)
-judgment day
-heart of darkness

-pistol blast (air, height specific)
-viper beam
-*plasma rush (hk only)
-hyper viper

-*cannon drill (hk only)
-*hooligan combo (hk only and do nothing)
-*killer bee assault
-*spin drive smasher

Captain America: (lol i got distracted with this guy, pulling off cartwheel resets haha! :slight_smile: )
-shield slash (standing: lp only; air: lp is angle specific while hp is height specific)
-*charging star (hk only)
-*hyper stars & stripes
-*hyper charging star

Captain Commando:
-captain fire
-*captain kick (hk only)
-commando strike: hoover
-captain sword
-*captain storm

-sonic boom
-sonic break

Chun Li:
-*senretsu kyaku

-*super dive

-optic blast (lp; air, height specific)
-optic sweep
-mega optic blast
-super optic blast

**Dan: **(i wonder why he sometimes flashes white during his kouryuuken? secret art yet to be discovered? lol)
-premium sign (hk only…gdlk lol)

**Dhalsim: **(what a smooth cat…in training mode lol)
-yoga drill (lk, angle specific)
-yoga fire

Doctor Doom:
-laser gun (height specific)
-*floating stomp (angle specific)
-plasma beam (ground only)
-photon shot
-molecular shield
-electric cage
-photon array

-*rolling buckler (neko punch, rising slash, slide)
-*delta kick (air only; angle specific)
-*dancing flash
-hyper sand splash
-please help me!

-kinetic card (angle specific in air)
-*cajun slash: leaping, rushing
-*cajun strike: kick, stick attack launcher
-royal flush
-*cajun explosion (can control side attack starts)

-sonic boom

-*sliding cut

-gamma slam (hp only)
-*gamma charge (hk only)
-gamma wave
-*gamma crush

Iceman: (this guy flashes all white randomly during ice beams similar to dan; what is that white flash??? :open_mouth: )
-ice beam (ground = lp, air = lp @ specific height and hp @ specific angle)
-ice avalache (hk only)
-arctic attack

Iron Man:
-rocket launcher
-uni-beam (air: height specific)
-smart bombs (long-ranged)
-photon cannon

Jill Valentine:
-grenade launcher (holding lp only)
-emergency dodge A (plain and flaming zombies)
-emergency dodge B
-emergency dodge C
-rocket launcher

-*drill kick (angle specific)
-*saotome typhoon (hp only)
-blodia punch
-blodia vulcan

-earthquake (hp only)
-*juggernaut punch (hp only)
-*body splash (hk and only in air at peak of jump)

-*shouryuu reppa
-*shippu jinrai-kyaku

-e-m disruptor (air, height specific)
-hyper grav (hk only)
-magnetic blast (angle specific)
-magnetic shockwave
-magnetic tempest

-*ricochet slash (hk only)
-ride & slash (hp only and at least at the peak of 1st sj)
-stinger bones
-bone burst

M. Bison:
-psycho shot (lp only)
-psycho field (hp only)
-*double knee press (hk at peak of sj)
-*head press
-*psycho crusher
-*knee press nightmare
-psycho explosion

-mega buster/charged mega buster (air = height specific)
-leaf shield
-hyper megaman
-*rush drill
-*beat plane

-soul fist (air = angle specific)
-soul eraser

Omega Red:
-carbonadium coil: lp (air = height specific), lk (air only and height specific)
-*omega strike: lk
-omega destroyer

-psyblast: ground-hp, air-lp (angle specific), hp (height specific)
-*ninjutsu: mini psy-thrust (warping either above or behind the opp only)
-butterfly hide

-*power dive punch
-*goodnight sugar (iffy…wierd)

-roll buster
-mega ball
-leaf shield
-hyper roll
-*rush drill
-*beat plane

Ruby Heart:
-fantome (iffy, tho lk is a bit more consistent)
-*hyper schwarzaile
-mil fantome
-tule do mazi

-shinku hadoken

-*berserker claw (hp only)
-birdie (lp only on smaller chars, but hp also on larger)
-*hyper berserker claw
-birdie call

-*shouoken (hp only)
-*shunpukyaku (hk only)
-Dark Sakura:
-hadoken (hp only), air (hp only and angle specific)
-shinku hadoken

-hp beam
-rocket punch: ground (horizontal only), air (diagonal down: specific angle, horizontal: specific height)
-sentinel force: swarm raid & bomber squad (holding hk only)
-hyper sentinel force

-call servbot
-call helibot (hk only and on taller characters only)
-paper airplane (holding start and directing only)
-lunch call
-helibot dive
-servbot swarm
-*king servbot

Shuma Gorath:
-mystic smash (hk only; air: hk only and angle specific)
-chaos split

Silver Samurai:
-*dashing hyaku sakuchi
-chou shuriken (can be performed in air with lightning sword mode)
-rai men ken
-*ice quake (ice sword mode only)

-shienbu (air also, but height specific)
-*wall walk: kick off
-monkey king:
-fire breath/stream

-web ball (air, but angle specific)
-web throw (lp only)
-maximum spider
-crawler assault

-dancing swords:
-single sword toss (air also, but height specific)
-circle throw (air also, but height specific)
-six-way throw (air also, but height/angle specific)
-stampede sword

-typhoon (air, height specific)
-double typhoon (air)
-ball lightning (air)
-*lightning attack (air)
-lightning storm (air)
-ice storm

Strider Hiryu:
-ame no murakumo
-*excalibur (air only and hk only)
-*vagula (hk only)
-*wall climb:
-leaping kick (hk only)
-formation a: leopard & hawk (larger opps only)
-formation b: satellite attack
-formation c
-ouroborus: energy rings

T. Bonne:
-delayed rock toss
-beacon bomb (lp only)
-*bonne strike
king servbot

-*titan crush (hp only; air, but height specific)
-bubble trap

War Machine:
-shoulder beam
-shoulder cannon (air)
-low shoulder cannon
-smart bombs (long-ranged only; air)
-proton cannon
-war destroyer

-*berserker barrage (hp only and mashing)
-*drill claw (w/ redirect only)
-*berserker barrage x
-*weapon x

Wolverine (bone claw):
-*berserker barrage (hp only and mashing)
-*drill claw (w/ redirect only)
-*berserker barrage x
-*weapon x

-*venom fang (hp only; air)
-venom rush (hk only)
-web throw (lp only)
-*venom web
-death bite

-*flying power bomb (hk only; Iron Body Mode only)

Thnx for correcting my title Pryde!!!

Ground as in…standing still, or laying on the ground? (OTG?)

to start off, I mean standing still…otg’s will later result from this post. sorry for the confusion by using the word ‘grounded’…changed to standing

this thread will eventually focus on spacing…the attacks will be listed in the format of those that are horizontal(near, mid, far), vertical (near, mid, far) and arced/etc.

good lockdown depends on covering as many angles as possible…and i want closure on this game

I’m going to continue working on my FS and RD Terror threads for Marvel. I think anything I want to say about any character can be placed in these two.

***Akuma: ***
Dumping air fireballs at specific angles will prevent MOST jump-ins and FEW sj.s if you throw a fierce fireball fast enough after taking to the air, but paired with horizontal assist coverage can also prevent jump-ins/dash-ins; and with far, vertical assist coverage can prevent sj.s (basic, but annoying).

Assists that help to make this really annoying:
(I will note the more unconventional assists)

Can prevent dash-ins:
-Any character that has a projectile/ground/dash-type assist
-Some anti-airs apply
*Anakaris’ cobra arm extend
*Blackheart’s dark lightning & inferno (vs larger, slower characters)
*Cable’s grenade toss
*Cammy’s hooligan combo
*Cpt. Commando’s cpt. fire & cpt. kick
*Chun’s overhead special
*Cyclops’ 2x kick
*Iceman’s ice avalanche

Can help to prevent jump-ins:**
-Some projectile/dash-type assists apply
*Anakaris tomb-drop assist
*Blackheart’s dark lightning & inferno
*Cable’s grenade toss
*Cpt. Commando’s cpt. fire (?) & cpt. kick
*Chun’s overhead special
*Iceman’s ice avalanche

Can help to prevent sj.s:
-Any character with a FS, diagonal anti-air
*Anakaris tomb-drop assist
*Blackheart’s inferno

well…you get the point. The most important thing to remember to cover is the opponent’s ability to:

  1. sj. towards you when you land…don’t worry too much about dash-ins as you are landing because if you are angling your air fireballs correctly, you should have a slow one VERY close to their head

  2. sj. at you and air HC you

  3. tag and plant their next point under you

It’s a silly strat, but hella fun, good battery, and can be soooo annoying :slight_smile: Also, w/ Blackheart-aa, this silly little Gouki strat is a natural counter to the more popular Spiral trap. :open_mouth:
(e.g., Gouki-aa/Sent-G/Blackheart-aa)