MvC2 Analyses: Rushdown Terror

of course there would be a thread in the favor of the well-known rushdown aspect of this game. where there is lockdown/trap, there also exists rushdown. it’s like yin/yang…and i appreciate both aspects.

rushdown…what does it mean? well, i KNOW what it looks like:

to rush someone down is to employ a constant sense of pressure, continually presenting a threat of high/low/grab/cross-up possibility.

this capability is only possible given the necessary tools of the character; however, in many games (especially marvel), a large percentage of this is merited to the player’s execution. which character’s in marvel are rushdown naturals?

join me as i delve into my marvel FAQ and detail character abilities that lend themselves to the world of rushdown.

–to be continued–

It’s pretty much a ‘No DUH!’ statement I’m going to make here, but Sentinel and Mags, fo’ sho.

Sentinel’s overhead J.LK and J.FK are a serious pain in the ass to deal with, especially in a corner. I think one of the people I play uses J.LK to nag a response out of you, and then J.FK for PAIN once he breaks through. Once a Sentinel knows how to Fly/Unfly, he is capable of some serious rushing.

As for Magneto, it’s pretty much a no brainer, especially with Psylocke watching his back.

To a lesser extent, I consider Tron a VERY effective rush down character, especially with the Bonne Rush. As a matter of fact, she is capable of causing some serious headaches with J.LK (held down for the chainsaw) and chip with Bonne Rush XX King Kobun, repeat (which I use to pin lesser knowing opponents with little health left.)

Try that out and see.

Bonne Rush XX King Kobun will get you killed :slight_smile:

short rush + (KNIVES/drones/wind/rocks) are the way to go :slight_smile:

Drill + Knives = EVIL

i don’t see a threat of high/low from a sent with unfly if he is simply in the air…it is only a threat if you are in the corner and try to do something silly, like attack or pushblock w/o knowing WHEN to do so…

as for tron w/ proj type assists…yea, she has rushdown there…especially paired with her dash and drill for cross-up potential…whether or not she presents a threat of grabbing you would have to be determined by how quickly she recovers from the move and how long your character’s block stun is…

every character in mvc2 presents a threat of a grab, simply based on you not knowing when they will continue to attack or whether they intend to tick throw…so i’m not focused on that…i’m focused mostly on high/low/cross-up mix-up…the stuff that f’s up your block

A large aspect of rushdown play is being able to ‘get in.’ A lot of characters have powerful combos and such, but if they are not able to approach the opponent, these combos are worthless. Then, once you get in, you need to be able to proceed with some sort of strong mix-up b/c a good opponent will not just hand you their defenses. Often, a good opponent will test your mix-up game for as many holes as possible; thus, you need to either create a mix-up that shuts down all movement OR present a reason for the opponent to block while you attempt mix-up.

So, important rushdown aspects:
1.) getting in (any ability/special that offers forward movement)
2.) mix-up (high, low, tick, cross-up)


1.) Getting in:

a.) walk, dash, wave dash
b.) jump, super jump

2.) Mix-up

a.) hitting low
b.) jumping over with a meaty attack
c.) jumping attack for overhead
d.) break in attack pattern to grab
e.) varying the input of your attacks in order to create longer block stun
(e.g., lp, lk, mp, mk, VS lp, lk, slight pause, mp, mk, slight pause,…this works often simply because the delay makes it seem you are not going to input the expected command which presents a faulty opening…surprised at how often this works on others and even myself when playing too hasty)

Gouki’s Rushdown Nature:

1.) Getting In

a) slow ground/air fireball presents minimal forward cover on dash in

b) weak dragon punch allows forward movement and offers quick recovery

c) hurricane kick allows forward movement

d) dive kick is very handy at moving in and the attack comes at an awkward enough angle to stunt or trade with some attacks…try sjxxdive kick performing the dive kick as quickly as possible (this is quite flashy and offers fast diagonal motion

e) ashura warp…ideal for passing through physical attacks and other characters

2.) Mix-up

a) mighty chop: f+hp (standing overhead that can be cancelled from any light or medium normal)

b) j.lp (very low hit box that allows it to act as an instant overhead)

who the fuck plays akuma in mvc2? pointless post:mad:

my homeboy plays akuma and can shred with him. wind kicks give you plus frames to work with, j.windkicks too good, sjHP builds bar like ruby can, 1 Frame psychic FP Dragon Punch.

Every character in this game can get down, with the proper team chemistry and knowledge behind it, so maybe try something new-- top tier is tired.

@ Vidness–

Short drill plus Knives and wait isss nasty. And my friend, I’ve been watching your videos and your Spiral needs to learn TK Quickdrop xx light hit. Give her an instant overhead! Its command heavy, but absolutely worth it.

Posting like that, I have a team where Gouki plays point on that I could take you with.

:looney: ya okay hes really a threat…complete waste you and I both know it. Nothing but theory fighting going on here. Akuma at evo 08 this year?:rofl:

I was beating people in ATL with spidey\morrigan ron vs tops. Msp, thrax, matrix, and even blackheart crap. Its doable, you just gotta be on point and know your characters pretty well.

jwongs cammy is nasty, vdo’s rogue\colossus\ken is nasty. He beat magneto x quite a few times @ FR and I heard horror stories about VDO’s ken beating yipes and sanford teams with nothing but ken. Ken vs top tiers and winning, shrug.

and lets not forget my boy pat aka vegita x who was one of the first people to start horing that rogue shit.

some defense and a brain can take you somewhere.

this thread is all sorta silly…

and Judge…that vid did not really showcase magz rushdown…yipes got the one hit on sanford, and just infinited sent to death, guardbroke storm and did one mixup, to death, and then deftly handled commando.

rushdown would be, like what you said, constant pressure, highs and lows, blocking at the right time or avoiding assists/attacks, baiting, going out and back in, etc.

vids of yipes, where he doesn’t right away completely rape the team off one hit to gb to gb, would be a better showcase of fast/smart rushdown

tron rushing down? uhhh no…maybe ticking and slight throw pressure…if she even manages to manuever up to your char with all the assists that can easily keep her at bay…too slow for real rushdown I would say…

BoD, the vid was one example of many. You wouldn’t deem that play by Yipes as rushdown? Yipes did display constant pressure. The thing is, it just didn’t take much of it in that particular match for him to get what he wanted. He kept the rhythm of the match in his favor and did well. I deem that as a factor of rushdown. Don’t you?

Thefuture, it is really interesting at how you and so many other people fail to appreciate what certain characters can do. Or maybe you just have a strong setback being as your Akuma hasn’t gotten you much success? I don’t know. Just be wary of limiting the character by the players.

you’re kidding right? constant pressure? uh…no…he got knocked away by commando, sanford messed up with the rocket punch, yipes went in and infinited to death (no pressure yet) guardbroke storm, did one throw reset and killed her (still not really any rushdown-pressure) and then just took care of an assistless capcom…

again, that was not a great display of rushdown, but a great display of mags raping after getting the HIT, the payoff of good rushdown

even though you probably will get knocked away by assists and comboed, or messup your infinite/resets (it’s really sometimes inevetable) a good rushdowner will still get you

sigh…sad I have to go through this. Ok, beats before we continue, what is your perception of rushdown? hmm…nvm, I found your reply from earlier:
“rushdown would be, like what you said, constant pressure, highs and lows, blocking at the right time or avoiding assists/attacks, baiting, going out and back in, etc.”**

constant pressure: moving FORWARD alone is pressure…OFFENSE alone is pressure.

Now, how effective it is depends on the defense it is up against. I think you are stuck on how effective it was in that particular match. Don’t worry so much on that.

Alright, let me break down the rushdown/offense/pressure for you and others who don’t quite see it, tho I don’t understand how you could not:

The match starts. Yipes AUTOMATICALLY takes the offense. He aims to keep Sentinel on the ground. He does a s.lp for the 1st hit, then he covers the air by jumping at Sent while designating Storm’s assist to cover the ground, all in an effort to KEEP Sent on the defensive. Otherwise, why would Sanford call out Capcom? He FELT rushdown in progress. Mag’s presence alone, to many players, represents an aspect of rushdown = fear.

The rocket punch, as much as I disagree with it’s effectiveness in that situation, was meant to keep Mag at bay in case of a f.dash. San mistimed it, and thus allowed Yipes to get in past it. Yipes rushed in for the hit. Goodbye Sent.

Storm comes in. Mag is IMMEDIATELY on her, itching for the gb, which he gets. Clean rushdown there.

Capcom actually suffers the most in terms of rushdown vs storm, obviously. She practically dances around him: left, right, low, high, what have you.

I don’t know what the issue is beats.


haha, yeah, sad…ok :tup:

where are the claps when I need em…

again, that vid was not a display of rushdown…it was more like a 2 character lifebar infinite (a la XvSF) then easily handling an assist. I already explained what I feel is rushdown and why that vid you posted was nto a good example.


lol at your edit…oh wow…you’re not breaking anything down…stop trying. there is no issue with me, don’t worry :wink:

i don’t even know if I wanna bother with your post…

ok, quickly…

  1. yipes started with a common opener, one of the ways you can start a match against thrax, no rushdown yet. “felt rushdown in progress”??? “presence”??? get outta hurrr, you’re almost saying by just PICKING magz, you’re rushingdown.

2.“rushingdown” after sanford messed up with the RP, again, NO. really good rushdown is displayed when the opponent can or is blocking, can defend themself, etc. yipes ‘followed up’ to the RP, don’t get it twisted. EVEN IF you wanna call that rushdown, this vid does not display even a small amount of rushdown, it’s miniscule.

  1. lol at your description of the guardbreak, again, that’s what magz does, that is not rushdown. that’s a nearly inescapable guardbreak to death, still NO RUSHDOWN.

  2. you can hardly call the death of commando rushdown, or a good display of it. rushingdown a defenseless assist that’s leftover is not a good show of it. now rushing down a cable, sent, or storm with a nice aaa and good defense would be the good show of rushdown.

there, I bothered, I see what your problem is… good luck, i guess :tup:


Help me out then, sir. Post a link of a vid that you feel displays rushdown and explain why. It would be much appreciated.

Also, just for amusement, let’s say that Yipes had Akuma/Storm/Psylocke. What could he have done to accomplish what Mag accomplished in that match?


wrap that shit up

Then tell me why you have such a pissy attitude?

“sad I have to go through this…lemme break it down”

pissy, who’s pissy? lol, I just see something funny :lol:

yeah, you have any more chores for me to do? maybe your laundry. I feel I’ve explained enough for now…