MvC2 and a square gated stick

How well does this game play using a square gate?

I hated playing MvC2 on a Square Gate, I’m am sure the majority would rather octagon or circle.
I prefer octagon.
If you got one of those $50-$60 Hori Sticks.
You can mod it so an octagon gate can fit inside of this.
It is very simple and all that is required is a drill.
Takes 10 minutes i could help you out pm me if you ever decide to do this.
Anyways GL.

I personally prefer a octagon gate as well. I disliked playing on the EX2 Hori Square gate the last time I played. I’m going to order a Octa-gate myself for my EX2 :woot:

I always used to play on HAPP sticks, so I was used to the P360 and the like for MVC2…however, after building a custom sanwa stick with a square gate I have to say I like it a lot better, at least for my purposes.

I find, as many people will tell you, that diagonals are much easier to hit on a square gate, making triangle-jumping feel more “natural”.

Still, I know HAPP is the stick-type of choice for marvel, so I am in the minority here.

Thanks for the feedback guys. I am using the HRAP EX and its gate is square. I think I will give it a shot though. If I decided its not working out I will probably just pick up a different gate when I mod the stock buttons.

Yeah it’s easy enough to just get an octagonal restrictor if it comes down to it. I’ve used everything from a square to and octagonal, a circular gate, and even a JLF circle-gate I made by sanding down an octo-gate, and each type is good for various things.

Circular gates are great for 360s and half circles, and especially getting HGxxTempest. Square is great for characters that live or die based on their ability to hit diagonals (Strider, Wolverine, others), and I guess that would leave octagonal gates somewhere in the middle.

Sanded down an octagon gate??
Very interesting.