Mvc2 and cvs2 any good shot


I want to collect any good looking sprite from those game that anyone have found in the web,cause I like very much these games.:smiley:
No portraits.




You mean the CvS2 Exclusive characters right.


Good one!But I have It.My friend The Immortal edited that.I ripped myself using a video card and I gave him to edit some of those pics.:smiley:
But thanks anyway.:lol:
Ryu_Hadou_Mstr :Yes,I mean it,and also exclusive mvc2.




I have that to.But Thanks anyway.
There are some I have:


And That.Nothing else.


I found one more.


Whats this for? people already have these sprites


I have a Yun sprite animated from CvS2 of him while hes jumping with his hand out or whatever. I also have 2 kyosuke sprites and like 2 or 3 cables sprites but there at my cousins house and I dont know if I wanna post em anyways.


Then why did you answer?
Shadow_X :That was to make people know which I have and don’t post always the same ones…


One more.