MvC2 and software piracy


With the release of new, legitimate copies of MvC2 in a few months how do you think the community’s embrace of using pirated copies will effect the games’ success? There’s no denying that the current community uses modified copies of MvC2 pretty much exclusively. Custom colors and custom soundtracks are everywhere. The 100+ thread on how to mod the game in this very forum is further proof.

A re-release of MvC2 already failed once. The PS2 and XBOX versions including minor fixes (and several breaks) but sold poorly and so DC is still the standard. Most people will say the newer versions failed because they weren’t arcade perfect but I think the failure was at least partially because people didn’t want to go back to listening to Take Me For a Ride and not representing the Lakers with their purple and gold Sentinel.

The PS3 and 360 version will have online but I doubt that will be a factor in whether it’s accepted by the community. Lag, any kind of lag, makes marvel unplayable. Will we still play it? Oh yeah. Beating scrubs who believe that their dream team of Spider-man, Wolverine and Captain America can compete is gonna be way fun.

Will MvC2 players be willing to fork up the cash to play a game that they’ve probably never paid for? Will the newest versions become the newest standard?


Yes Marvel players will get the game because it’s Marvel.


PS2/XBOX versions were trash.

People will buy these new versions as long as they’re DC ports for real.

Before the game is released, they should allow independent sound file mapping and I’ll be happy.


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just to reiterate…the Ps2 and Xbox versions were horrible…who cares about music…marvel players jus want to rape…we dont have time to listen to music…if ur listening to the music ur prob getting raped…


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There is a thread for Marvel shit. People, please post your stuff there.


For what it’s worth, I’m pretty sure the reason the PS2/XBox versions sold poorly was because there weren’t enough copies to go around, hence the inflated price on the secondary market.

I imagine there are plenty of casual players out there that don’t/didn’t really care about the shortcomings of those versions.


cause i like playing wit dat mango sentinal :x


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People pirated MVC2 because that was their only option. It was rare, even on PS2 and Xbox, which were pointless to play if you were serious. I’m glad I can put my six burned copies in the trash and I’m going to be part of the group that overloads the Xbox market place trying to download MVC2 the second it comes out.


who gives a shit if you can pirate MvC2 when you have to buy dreamcasts cause they keep getting fucked up. 15 bucks for the ease of mind is worth it alone well that is unless you have a 360 then you still gotta live in fear of your console dying on your… :rofl:


How can you pirate psn downloadables? I don’t know about xbox (because there usually is a way around anything microsoft does), but psn stuff, as of yet, can’t be pirated.


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Yea. If everybody pirated it then why was it going for like $80+ on eBay? Shit, Game Stop was givin’ like $40 as trade credit for that disk. They don’t give that much for new games on the first day.


The only reason why people would actually buy the game is for the online feature. Otherwise everybody would be playing the DC version instead. Hence why everybody was upset about the PSN demo.


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