MVC2 and Tekken Dark Ressurection Tourny March 18 saturday 3pm at Lloyd Center Tilt

MVC2: 3$ dollar entry fee

1st 60% of entry fees
2nd 30%
3rd 10%
4th Hi Five! yes!!!

TDR: 3$ dollar entry fee

1st 60% of entry fees
2nd 30%
3rd 10%
4th Hi Five! yes!!!

Marvel rules: no gambit glitch, trip glitch, juggy ok.
no triangle dash, no snapback ^_*

TDR: no game breaking glitches??? if anyone knows any that is.

Hi Five! poof!

Trip glitch? What is that?

no 3rd Strike? :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

i think tri cities is going not sure yet

man now I gotta go spend all my cash to play Tekken. Oh well I was probably gonna do it anyway. I think thats during spring break, BOSS.

Also I may play marvel, just to make the pot bigger! who knows maybe sentinel jumping boot will save me?

Doom trip glitch…remember??

No 3S? Ah well, I’ll be up for casuals if the other Tri-Cities players go up. T5DR sounds fun though.

yea sup yabuki you guys should come up.

stilt you cant block it

ive been playing DR, its “good” for tekken.

lol Doom’s crouching rh banned? get out of here. ban sentinel too.

no he wasn’t saying it was banned, he meant the juggy glitch and the cr. rh glitch were allowed. The gambit glitch is banned, and probably the dead body infinites after you get to the corner I assume.

why isnt there any 3s? thats the whole reason y i wanted a tourny lol

Oh ok, that makes sense.

I’ll be there for marvel and lots of 2s casuals. I wonder if we could talk the tilt crew into switched the positions of 3s and cvs2. Right now 3s and mvc2 are right next to each other.

what do u mean switch the positions? never the less i reall wanna em to have a 3s tourny. see ya there for some casuals tho

If the Seattle tops show, I’m predicting their win, in T5:DR.

Goodluck ya’ll.

go get them zig

i’m alittle rusty on the slang, but what is “no triangle dashing, and snapback mean?” I’m thinking tringle jumps and just regular snapping out in my head

that part was a joke.

Triangle dash is super jump and then immediately air dash down forward, for wacky cross up shennanigans.

Snapback is a snapback. Can be used to kill assists. Such as with magneto, short,short,sentinel (sentinel hits opponents assist plus opponent) snap out the point character and proceed to kill the assist! woo.

yeah i know what they are, i only asked because since i couldn’t tell it was a joke i thought it may have been something completely new i could’ve missed in the last couple months i’ve been off srk

Yeah im lame

Anyone remember last tournies seeds??? and for tekken??? if no then i may reset seeds. holla hi five! poof!