MvC2 and the Medium Buttons layout

I was curious to why Capcom took the medium buttons out of the game. I know it’s built in with the short buttons, but why didn’t they just it leave like they were. Were they trying to fix something in the gameplay system (inf, glitches, etc.), or was it just a way for them to fit in the partner system without having an 8 button layout. Honestly, you may think that it wouldn’t have worked well but I think an 8 button layout would have worked out pretty damn good. And on a side note, I think a lot of characters would have had a lot more advantages. Like Blackheart’s j. mp for example which was very good. Some of the characters previous models had a lot more going for them in previous vs. games. The game would be played much differently now.

I think 8 buttons would have been a little much.

i think they could’ve called assists a different way…

Whatever I like it at six buttons. The auto progression of lights into mediums is just way too cool. IE magic series.

no arcades have 8 button cabinets and i dont think the naomi hardware can even take 8 button inputs

I remember reading when the game first came out that they did it just to simplify things.


need extra wiring, don’t even know if there is a proper harness, etc.

I think that, as was stated above, things would have been a little bit too cumbersome with 8 buttons. And think about it who would want to buy a whole new cabinet with 8 buttons when they could just swap out the board on a different six button machine.

I personally think 8 buttons would’ve been fun, being able to do Mediums whenever would’ve changed alot how some characters play, and do combos, but the game is cool the way it is now so oh well.