Mvc2 announced for 360\ps3

tadow!!! announcement was made by mr.wizard already.

will marvel ever TRULY die? now you’re telling me that the crack is up 24\7 against other players?

Hopefully, there will be very good netcode to make the connections online as smooth as possible. SF4 is pretty good online as well as HDR so I’m hoping for something good.

No news on a balanced version nor any news about which port to use. Chances are it will be the DC version since the game is getting released again. Doubt they’ll use a bad port but you never know. Wouldn’t be the first time capcom released a bad port…

My biggest concern is that @ high level play, there are multiple 1 frame stuff going on. 1 frame CH, 1 frame dhc’s, 1 frame repositions. @ this point in speed combined with the internet exp, its going to be hard for this game to played online. The net code isn’t @ that point where it can handle 1 frame timing consistently for any fighter. Its going to be interesting to see what they try to do about that if they’re going to do anything @ all. They just might throw in some basic net code stuff that they learned about already and not gives us a better version to support marvels just frame style. Can you imagine the basic slow down that happens in the game as is combined with lag??? ugh…

the xbox version does have slowdown, same with the ps2 version. People want a arcade port. Dc version is really the only viable option.

I note there’s no URL to any such announcement. Given that the big reveal was “Lost Planet 2”, I’m skeptical.

he’s right. Outside of that ESRB rating and mr.wizards post, there’s no other information on this.

other than some pretty decent sources, i’ve heard nothing reliable…


being rated by the ESRB doesn’t necessarily mean its guaranteed. look what happened to earthbound for the virtual console

Did you play it? I did, many many times. I actually have both versions and play it in both sometimes just for the sake of variety. Everythng that lags like hell on DC plays flawlessly on XBox. From a casual gamer perspective, the DC version has much more slowdown than the XBox version, and the PS2 version has miuch more slowdown than the DC version. I’d say an hypothetic XBox player would look at the DC versin in the same way we look at the PS2 version.

DC Marvel is mostly dead, because DCs are mostly dead. You’ll either play the new version with everybody else, good or not, or play your DC version alone until your DC finaly burns. Whining and bitching just prevents Capcom from doing nice things.

yes ive played xbox/ps2 versions and I can safely say that I prefer the dc version any day of the week. But at this point I’ll take whatever they give us, as long as online play makes it into the game.

i dont want to go back to a mahvel version that has the original music :sad:

+1. Still waiting tho.

holy shit, maybe they’ll make training mode good

if this is true, then i think that marvel online will have more possibilities due to the lag. any and all types of exploited retarted shit will be used.

Marvel Sucks…


Everything is better than MvC2 for a short time period but then you get bored and come back to MvC2.

It’s just that godlike.

Wiz said ESRB doesn’t lie in direct reference to MvC2, that’s proof enough.


cmon pat, let the hate go and you shall be freed!!!

Sorry man… Marvel is great and the concept is great but the game needs to be re-done…To many scrubs playing Sent/Cap and winning, not because there good but b/c the assist they are playing with is godlike…

Sorry man… But I will always love marvel but I just can’t deal with people winning off of Luck rather then skill…

Marvel was never ment to be taken seriously…


So fuckin True…Marvel is Crack without a doubt…but just like crack to much of it will kill u…

Marvel and Crack is one in the Same…

Marvel is so Fun…watching people play is so fun…but what about the after effects when u play marvel…

  1. Random shit happening that u just can’t explain b/c its just in the game.
  2. People mashing on there assist and winning and they actual think there good.
  3. People playing Storm/Sent all day getting one lucky DHC to kill ur character.
  4. People flying around with Sent and mashing on Cap because Cyc takes a little more skills to play.
  5. The cheapest character on the Game (Sentinel) with the easiest and most powerful unblockable to perform.
  6. Having Sentinel in the infinit and all u have to do is one more rep and he’s finish…but for some unknown fuckin reason everyone messes up on the inifinit…Or I’m sorry beside Fanatiq…O yeah thats right he plays one button dash…hummmmmm…I wonder y

I can go on and on about Y MvC2 is so fuckin broken and why it is a scrub friendly game …but I’m done with MvC2… The dreamcast, my copies of mavel and my mass stick will be put away in my basement in a box under the stairs and label…Warning… under No Circumstance do not open this fuckin Box…

you’re salty because the new players around you are fucking you up.

Somebody lost to a Santhrax player

And yeah, you messing up the infinite on Sent is totally Capcom’s fault :rolleyes:

I lose all the time, always to a magneto player.

I get sick of pats crazy shit talk because i know he’s a better player than that…