Mvc2: Anti Blackheart/Doom


I know most of the good players know how to get pass doom/bh/aaa (cammy/capcom/cyc/cable) by now.

However, I still ocassionally have trouble with the basic doom/bh stuff such as jump back fierce+bh aaa super jump rain photons and demon/rocks. and i know a lot of people still do. I already checked individual threads and I couldn’t find stuff So here’s a thread devoted for anti bh/doom. I

I am an ok player and I use basically the top 4 guys with top teams such as msp, team scrub and i’m starting to pick up iron man and sentinel by themselves.

I’m slowly learning how to beat them with magneto and storm but still have trouble with sentinel and iron man and here’s where i need people’s help.

Anyway my questions are. how does a sentinel beat dr doom/bh/aaa? people claim sent is doom’s worst matchup is like 10-0. I’m not so experienced yet in fighting doom. The same with a stalling Bh/capcom aaa. I have problems fighting a doom/bh trap and bh who jump back fierce call aaa when i get close and super jump afterwards. I cannot try and stay on top of doom forever and stomp blindly when he has capcom aaa and its hard to get in when he has bh aaa. you can’t wavedash under dooms j. fierce. same goes with a stalling bh. in some matchs i’ve spent forever trying to catch up to a running doom and a stalling bh until i get them to corner.

I went through the sentinel thread from pages 1-15 and there were about 3 or 4 questions on how to beat bh, yet NO ONE ever bothered to answer because they were too busy talking abotu fast fly combos.

also how does a sent/storm or cable/capcom beat another sent/bh/capcom? seems like bh aaa stops flying.

I also have problems fighting bh aaa with iron man. I posted in the iron man thread but everyone is still too busy talking about combos. I’m fighting a cable/bhaaa/sent drones or other aaa. I’m getting caught in cables deadly traps with them. Could anyone give me help i’m using ironman/doom/cable.


yeah doom has worse matchups than sentinel.


thank you very much for helping me dasrik, thread was viewed 42 times and yet no one responded. no one responded much in the threads either, i’m guessing no one really knew how to answer, and in the threads all they do is talk about combos. but thanks a lot i appreciate it.



thats not true at all ive seen many times Dr.Doom/Blackheart/CapCom woop up on sentinel…just pink lazer that shit and call capcom out (aaa hopefully)


Watching too much Eder eh? :lol:

Yeah… Doom/BH can be pretty annoying to Sent… but Sent can c.fp xx rp BH. Doom’s j.fp will just trade with Sent’s c.fp at best… the worst thing that can happen is Sent can c.fp xx rp xx hsf pinning down Doom and killing BH at the same time :frowning: