MVC2: Anti Megaman Help


I’m playing Magneto/Cable/Psylocke and I keep getting beat by a megaman/doom/commando team.

The problem is, he spams megaman’s air FP arm-blast non stop and when i try to rush that shit down, he has helpers behind him and then runs away all day… When I try to be patient he chips me with doom.

I don’t spend hours practicing infinites and resets to be beaten by a scrub team like this :mad:

There must be an easy way to beat this… Little help please

u prob. should put cable on point 4 that team so when he calls asist j.viper beam(jab/lp)

with mags point
try sj.a/d foward fly+Psylocke unfly land and try to cross up while call’n psylocke to hit doom.

Just snap in Commando when you can, or yeah, start Cable and do jump back gun + Magneto.

basically cable is megaman killa, just cahvb that shit… he’ll think again about throwing fp…

what are your team assist types?

you should pick:

Mag (proj)/ Cable(antiair)/Psylock (antiair)

HAHA thanks everyone…

I beat that shit down real bad. Cable’s weak VB + magneto assist kills all his teams

He’s got no more options now

first time i saw a help thread to beat a low tier character.

power to the low tiers >_<

haha, mega man is just a bitch to deal with because ya know whats he gonna do and ya know he is gonna do it all day long…

a Megaman/BH team can be very annoying…