MvC2 Arcade Button Layout

Hi again

I’ve recently purchased MvC2 off the PSN, in a bid to further improve my stick execution by way of having another SF game to practice with, but I dont know how I should set my TE stick buttons to replicate the arcade layout. Firts off, I didn’t know there were no medium attaks in MvC2! Secondly I didn’t realise tag-team supers were perfomed without pressing any directional inputs!

Mainly I’d like to know the aracde button set-up so that I can play at the local 'cade near work during my lunch hour.

Thanks in advance.



Buttons are arranged in the straight American format, like on the MAS stick. On a TE, set the buttons to use the right six. It won’t be exactly the same as the arcade, but it’ll be close enough.

Depends on what kind of cab is in his local arcade. If they’re candy cabs, then it’ll be the curved Sega layout (closer to the first 6).

Thanks for the speedy responses guys!


Is that what it’s like in the Philippines?