Mvc2 arcade cabinet bezel sticker?


im trying to find either a repro or a scan of the original mvc2 move list bezel sticker…does anyone know where to find one? im not exactly sure what its called but i wasnt able to find it online anywhere


I have three of the actual stickers (on three cabinets), but no viable way to scan them for you. Do you happen to be in the DC area? If so I can work something out with you.


I’ve received the pix of your MVC2 instruction insert. THANK YOU so much. This exactly what i was looking for. Been on so many forum and asked and you are the only one who responded.

Will provide results once it is done. :slight_smile:


Thank you strogg for providing me US version of the MVC2 instruction insert!



I’ve come across these stickers a couple of times on eBay. Didn’t think you’d have that much trouble finding them.
Cool anyways.