MvC2 Arcade Cabinet Problems

My college’s student center has a Marvel 2 cab that has been acting up lately, so the owner asked me to see if you guys might know the problem. It would seem that power isn’t getting from the power supply to the board and monitor, because when everything’s plugged in and the switch is turned on, the power supply is powering up, but the screen isn’t coming on and the board isn’t lighting up. We think it might be a fuse on the power supply (cabinet was originally an MKII cabinet that was converted), and it appears that the fuses on either side of the power supply either twist off or simply pull out. However, we didn’t really want to force them out and break anything. Anyone have any suggestions?

When you say acting up lately, did this problem come and go? Or one day it just came? Did you try to take the fuse out and have issues with it?

This just happened recently (within last 48 hours), and it has stayed since (meaning we still can’t turn the cab on).

We can’t get the fuse out, but admittedly we haven’t tried too hard for fear of breaking something.

EDIT: Ok, we decided to just man up on the fuse and it came out.

Definitely blown, we’ll get a new one.