MvC2 Arcade Cabinet


So, I managed to get my greedy fingers on a full size MvC2 cabinet today. When I say full size, I mean the control panel is two feet away from the screen on its own pedestal. Problem is it’s too big to fit in my house the way it is. :sweat:

This really, really sucks. I hate to have to take the cabinet even partially apart to get it inside. I’m thinking of taking the back panel off then removing the monitor (carefully of course, don’t need to electrocute myself) That will not only make it lighter, but narrower at the top.

Any ideas anyone?


Build a house around it.


Is your problem getting it inside the house or finding a place for it inside?


Marvel is made to be beat upon, leave that shit on the porch.


That’s a showcase cab. GOOOD luck getting that through a standard door way.

The only way it’s going into your house is if you take it apart. Can’t tell you exactly what you’ll need to remove, but there will be some dismantlement, no doubt.

if you have a garage with extra room i’d keep it there. that’s what I did with my Tekken Tag cab, because it just wasn’t worth taking it apart and risking something not working.


Argh. I don’t have a spare room to put it in outside. Right now it’s sitting under my carport. The control panel is already taken off and disconnected. In fact, it’s sitting right behind me. :rofl:

Won’t know until tomorrow how light/easier it is to move after taking the monitor out. ><


Well, unplug the damn thing before you start taking it apart. Unless you’re really vying for a Darwin Award.


this. and if you don’t know how to discharge a monitor, or just overall don’t know what you’re really doing… don’t mess with it. YOU WILL FUCKING KILL YOUSELF.

how to discharge a monitor:


plus i’m guessing your monitor is pretty big, and it carries A Lot of voltage through it.

Seriously though, don’t go messing around with the monitor if you don’t know what you’re doing.


make a small little house for it


just out of curiosity, how much did you pay for it? i wouldn’t mind getting one if the price was <2k


Possible solutions:

  • live in it

  • keep it at my house

  • trade it for food and shelter


Your only about an hour away from me, you can keep it in my house. I have a big sliding glass door that I will make it fit in.


Mmmm, I think I’d rather build a house around it first before I let others take it :stuck_out_tongue:

I payed 500$ for it. Had to drive six hours to pick it up, but hey. Not a bad deal. =)


lol, sounds like you were listening to your heart more than your brain.

I had a similar issue when I was building my arcade cab in the garage. After it was done I realised it wouldn’t fit through the door. Had to take it off it’s hinges and then it just fit.

If you can take it apart safely, I would. Try to just remove the controller section that sticks out (extra pedestal) and leave the monitor alone! Something will surely play up if you muck around with that.


I vote for the Mahvel Shed, you know how most people have tool sheds well same for mahvel. Its worth it and you know it.


I’m thinking of just taking the naomi board, psu, and other internals out and putting the actual cabinet in storage until i move in a few months…


showcase arcade

how did you end up getting the arcade inside? i think you can take off the top part where the monitor is of im not mistaken.


easy to take apart ,u might want to think about retro fitting it for moving also . those showcase cabs are the buisness but damn thats a huge bitch!


How about some pics?