MVC2: art of mashing


i think alot of ppl misunderstand wuts mashable wutsnot so ill start the ball rolling
mashable to add damage

  1. sent hard drive
    2)commando hk throw
    3)both metal claw wolverine throws
    6)tron drill
  2. hail storm

Mashable to escape
1)mag tempest
2)thanos bubble
4)bh demons

i wanna add that iron man photoncannon is NOT mashable so stop breaking joysticks


I mash everything. It makes a person think that they’re dealing more damage, even though they may not. U forgot Juggernaut’s Headcrush and Hulk’s Gamma Crush.


:lol: he forgot a lot things…

if ya ask meeh, the scariest masher is giefs crouch-grab :eek:


Or Dhalsim’s throw. Is he punching the guy’s face or putting his fingers in the guy’s mouth?


i don’t know, but Giefs crouch-grab does more damage per mash…


yea i was gonna put juggs but i have my doubts wit that one, i still mash it but it seems to be flying screen that adds hits


mashing works, but only from half-screen + distance. so if ya hit em with lp at the tip, ya can mash.


Does Colulssus’ grab and Zangiff 360 super grab need any mashing or just the spin of the joystick?


I just spin the joystick. Cammy’s Reverse Shaft breaker and KBA does more if u just rotate as well. Zangief’s FAB is self-explainitory.


the only command grab move that i know of that needs buttons mashing is spiderman’s web throw…


is akuma’s pro. super mashable for more damage?
btw felicia’s hk throw i think is mashable for more damage…i think


i think all beam’s are mashable to some extend…

any throw that grabs them, and does multiple hits to conflict the actual throw damage can be mashed. for more damage? perhaps not but to get it over with faster…


man u guys are retarted u forgot sprials throw shit does half damage if u mash.oh i think ive seen a good thread about this before though


well i’ve done one in that past, at least posted about it… but i didn’t forget about it.

but like i said before gief’s crouch-grab is more damageing.

avg. sqeeze per mash is 7 pts.
spirals punch per mash is 5 pts.

do the math…


true but when would i ever play with geif?


Cable/Geif!? :lol:


that would be one wierd ass team


i’ve used it a few times, so have others…

with Mecha-Gief on throw assist + cable on point is just scary :eek:


heh ive just never liked gief.just to wierd.i dont like hairy russians.


haha… meeh either…

but gief is very damaging… if ya got an assist like doom to back him up to get it, you’ll be the one rushing down :stuck_out_tongue: