MVC2 Art


Anyone have a link to a site with official high res art? I’d like to sue it for a sig, thx.

If anyone has individuals… just MSP for now would be nice… later.




man i know SOMEWHERE there has to be the art for mvc2, not the character art from the select screen, but the full size kick ass art, like when the VERSUS screen comesup, or when you do a super move, they show a pic like this for a split second…anyone know where i can find all the characters with this art?


its around, some person must have it.
the 2 missing (and rare) pics I can’t find are Magneto + Storm (normal art, not Versus).

Those 2 are impossible to find.


If that’s you in your av you look like X.

Yeah, I have both Jill’s now, somehow I found them… but I can’t find almost any Magnus or Storm either, only a low res Mag one and the art with the movelist over it, not alone… :frowning:


nah its not me, ima white boy.
Its X (just liked the pic from the Evo2003 photos) and he’s got first coverage. More people will feature in my av.

Someone could get a higher res of Magneto, if they have a really good capture card and the PS2/Xbox version of MvC2 (zoom in and take shots of different parts of the artwork).

could work!?


I use VGA to hook my DC to my Monitor, it has 2 inputs. Maybe I could do something with that… I’ll try some stuff out.


Yeah its crazy, it seems like those two just haven’t been put up anywhere on the net.


its like they were up for about a week, and taken down never to be seen again.

Amazing how artwork can be so rare (just like Guilty Gear XX art, i’ve found jack shit)