Mvc2: Artificial unfly mode

Artificial unfly mode. Or fake unfly mode. Or semi-useless unfly mode. Whatever you wanna call it is fine. I’ve been keeping this to myself for quite a while, dunno why really, I’m kinda selfish. I keep a lot of engine anomalies to myself. But it’s not that big a deal, some of you prolly know this already.

Anyhoo, going back to the topic. Did you know there is a way to acquire unfly mode without EVER getting hit by anything? And yes I know that you can do specials/supers after unflying but this is different. This technique allows you to perform normal moves after unflying. And the best part is that you can nj all you want and it won’t deteriorate!

Ok, here’s how it works. First of all, your opponent has to be in stun the moment you enter fly mode. Either hitstun or blockstun is fine. Second, perhaps the biggest drawback, preventing this from being the discovery of the year and from making Sent beyond godlike, is that you cannot perform any action while in fly mode. If you do, then the “unfly mode” won’t be there after you unfly. Flying back and forth is fine. That’s about it on the explanation.

Here are some examples:

IM - (corner?), c.lp xx fly, unfly, lk, u+hp, land, start infinite

Sent -, s.lp xx fly, unfly, lk (…sorry, thats the best I could come up with)

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Who the fuck will fly without doing something? Seriously. THAT’S THE WHOLE POINT OF FLYING, TO ATTACK.

You idiot. This does allow you to attack. And it makes flying safe even if you don’t have unfly mode since you can block after unflying. This allows for pressure strings and baiting tactics that weren’t possible before. Like say:

hsf, hp+Mags, fly forward, unfly, hk, land, continue pressure

If you sense danger you can unfly and be completely safe without ever acquiring unfly mode. Perfect for baiting and punishing AAAs.

If you get the real unfly mode you can fully utilize attacks AND be safe but if you don’t then this is the next best choice. Hrmm, safe flying with no unfly mode… How the fuck is that useless, ya dumbass?

What is the point of doing that if you’re low enough to the ground to do flying RH and unfly without having to worry about retaliation? When you unfly in front of someone, they will not be able to call an assist because they will still be in block stun by the time you land. So why do something like this when you can just do what you’re accustomed to and not get hit? Outside of Commando, ANY anti air will hit Sentinel and beat the stomp before he even gets it out.

You WILL get hit by an AAA during the match, so who cares when it happens?

I never said it was better than the real unfly mode. All I said was if (and when) you just so happen to lose it, it’s better to have some kind of safety harness to fall back on instead of just sitting on the ground and blocking or flying around recklessly trying to get hit by an AAA.

Plus seeing as how this is relatively new you can use it as a bait. Normal jump in front of your opponent then make them block something and go into fly mode. Most players will acknowledge the fact that you don’t have unfly mode and try to punish you whether it be hail, ahvb, or w/e. Just then you can unfly (if your fast enough to unfly ahvb on reaction) and make them burn a meter.

Also here’s the other portion of this technique that I forgot to mention earlier. It’s kinda important, so I’m a dick for not saying this right away. You can use this trick, fly around, call assists, do specials and/or supers (just no normals), unfly, and still have a normal unfly action just like with regular unfly mode.

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deMise: if this stuff does work, excellent find bro!

I’ve done some more testing and it seems that this unfly trick works best if you activate fly mode during/after the 2nd hit.

For example with Sent you can do lp, hp xx fly or (2 or 3 hits) xx fly and it will work even if the string doesn’t combo. But if you just do lp xx fly, or xx fly it doesn’t seem to work.

Ok, here’s the rundown for those who are confused. Once again using Sent as the example., xx fly, fly around anywhere/call assists/do specials or supers, unfly, do any normal/special/or super move just like with regular unfly mode w/o ever getting hit by anything.

This is nothing particularly NEW persay, as I have done it countless times by accident. Yes it is SEMI-useful at times, especially when you have an assist that creates a lot of blockstun (i.e. tron) and would allow you to continue ground dash in c. short, s. jab xx fly xx blah shit after an unfly short, short. However, this in no ways even compares to unfly mode at all.

If this is “new”, why is it that you see people unfly and block when they’re playing against Storm right when she does the hailstorm?

because they are in the real unfly mode, thats the only way that would be possible, since storm would have to be in blockstun for this “new” tatic to work…come on geekboy, carry personal vendettas elsewhere, give the guy some props/respect

I’ve seen it without real unfly.

I’m not sure I understand.
You’re saying that Sent can do something like…

c.fierce, fly, unfly

…and he will be in Unfly Mode???

What he’s saying is that you have UnFly for ONE use only. But, yeah, that’s what he’s saying I think. But since you’re so close to the ground, you won’t be able to do anything except block and the c.Fierce, fly unfly is safe by itself.

I think the basic premise is that if you jump xx fly and then unfly without doing anything in fly mode or before fly mode you still retain jump mode and can do a regular action after unflying such as block/attack since you had not performed one during the jump.

Hmmm… I know that I’ve had my point character die, and had sentinel come in and then I superjumped, fly, unfly while the other players storm was doing a hailstorm and I wasn’t hit, I had no opportunity to get unfly mode, no assists hit me or anything.

I just flew and unflew and blocked storms hailstorm, opponent was like “wtf how did you get unfly mode” shrug, just curious how that happens.

u know you can get characters in unfly mode b4 they come in right…cuz u dun sound like you do.