MvC2 Assist Faq for amatuers

As most of you people out there already know, assist are valuable in the out come of the match. Assist can do many things to help you out touch situations. You name it, they can do almost anything in the game.
You can Throw into assist
You can Guard Break with assist
You can use them in combos to help get extra damage
They help create traps,
They help break traps,
You can combo of the ground (OTG)

Of course I’m not saying to abuse the assist, cuz they do need to heal if they have been wounded. Sometimes, they might get infinited as most of you already know. Use it wisely.

Guard break with assist. Some assist can guard break if timed correctly. The ones I’ve seen done are…
Son Son-Y (Projectile) I did it once on someone, don’t ask how…
The list goes on.

Traps that can be created with assist, usually consist of
Doom/BH-b or Storm-G

Trap breakers are usually people who have an invincible start up like Ken-A or Cammy-A or Psylocke-A.

Most AAA can help you OTG, such as Cable-B. BH-B, Capcom-B, Cammy-A and the list goes. Even Projectile can do so too if done early, such as Spiral-A or Sentinel-G

Well if you guys have any questions feel free to ask and I’m sure other members will help.

How do you decide when to call out your assist? (More like tips on when never to call out assist), this is my main problem.

Most Anti-Sentinel assist?

I heard something of a bison-doom combination and wonder how doom is use in there.

Which assist is “Cable Safe”.

You should only use an assist if you know it is going to hit. most people use cable and throw out an assist in attempt to bait you into eating hyperviperbeams. Assists should not be abused. only use them if stopping a trap as stated before or if you do accidently throw out an assist, super jump out so you can counter any random super. hope this helps


Pick an assist that you have a specific use for, and use it that way. If you’re fighting a matchup where you can’t use it that way, go find something else. If you can answer the question “why did I pick that assist?” then you know when to call out your assist.

My opinion is Capcom. He’s not the best against stomp-happy Sents, but is decent at it. But, when Sent goes to the bench and starts dropping drones all over you, he’s the man for clearing that shit out of there.

None. The faster it gets in and out, the safer it is. Strider’s variety assist is pretty decent too, since he teleports to Cable, but who wants to call Strider as an assist?

I have HUGE problems against Sent players, all they do is fly around and stomp. Like the only character I have to fight against that is storm. :frowning: Capcom assist works ok, but what other assists work well on sent? I know guile and Nash’s sommersaults work great but they lack when it comes to fighting. Oh and another problem I have is cable’s just sitting back their throwing out assists waiting for you to attack and if you dont, they’re do the assist again. :mad: It’s annoying and I cant find a way to punish them. (without having to use cable myself)

Ohh… also I’d like to know the fastest and most damaging assists (probably Tron projectile assist, but what others) if possible. Yea I dont play mvsc2 too much, just for fun sometimes.

Cammy, Sonson, Cyclops, Ken, Akuma, and Ryu’s AA assists are all pretty decent against flying Sent. And Guile is actually pretty good at point.

I’d have to know what assist Cable is spamming and what character you’re using in order to really help you with the 2nd problem. A lot of characters can launch Cable’s assist and SJ cancel into block if he AHVBs, causing him to waste meter for nothing. Cable’s do better when they use S.HP or J.HK/J.LP, or even a planned grenade to cover assists.


Is that a female Blanka in your avatar, or do I just need to go to bed?:eek:

Let’s see, Guile is hella good against Sentinel IMO on point and as assist, his damage is pretty decent, I believe he does the same amount of damage as Capcom or maybe 1 point more, I can’t remember. Cammy is decent on some points as an AAA, and I think she does well against him one on one.
Cable sitting back waiting for you to attack, well that’s pretty common. Well, teams usually come with 2 and 1 meaning they usually have 2 Projectile assist and 1 AAA or vice versa. If you have Cable, you’re bound to have a projectile assist. If Cable is sitting back and waiting for you to call out assist, then LET him punish your assist if he has 2 levels or less, 3 is too risky, then after, he won’t be able to punish him and you get to abuse your assist a little more now, but always try to cover your assist, like DFA said, call assist and super jump up.

IM/WM Repulosr Blast does the most damage, it’s 12/143 damage per a hit on normal charcacters and that AAA, so I’ve gotten 4 hits at the most, so that’s 48
Tron comes in 2nd with 15/143 that’s 45 damage
Glitched Juggernaut 42 Damage on Dash Type, which is his Juggernaut punch.

Total Scrub Power: I believe you trap them in the corne and call doomr or cross over and do his QCB LP move. I don’t know what it’s callled, but it’s hella chip.

Ok thanks, that is some good info. :slight_smile: My team consists of storm and tron right now, I need a 3rd character but I dont know who. (psylocke is my best character after storm, but she doesnt do too well on a run-away cable/sent IMO) Oh and yes that is a female blanka. :lol: It was originally Mai, but I switched her to Blanka. :smiley:

A good team is Tron-G/Storm-A/G/Sent-G. Focus on crossing up with j. fierce while calling Sent-G, then do s. jab, s. strong, then crossup up again using same routine. If You hit with j. fierce, then do all that but this time, after the s. strong, cancel into Lunch Rush, then just as the little lunch guys are about to touch your opponent, DHC to Hail. Then runaway with Storm, and you don’t have to worry about flying Sent or anyone. Just play it cool, and whenever you get the chance, do Storm’s AC into Super, DHC Sent HSF, dash, launch + Storm-G if u have it, then AC, Storm-G hits, fly, throw reset, sj short, forward Upward rocketpunch, fierce throw, short, forward, UP ward rocketpunch. Something like that.

i play a mean Doom/juggs :evil: by easily just spamming juggs and sj/jumping and xx to pink shit to cover juggs.

if it hits it does hella damage :D, if doesn’t it does hella chip :smiley: like getting in a free punch :lol:

some teams, mainly w/ cables on point, spamming assist is ok really just as so long ya can cover them.

Yea I do something like that, but j.fierce with Tron doesn’t work all that great. It hits sent out of the air but it doesnt cross-up and you cant combo after it because sent players are usually always flying. Then after my j.fierce hits they just refly and do it all over again. Oh well I’ll figure it out.

j. fierce doesn’t crossup Sent? Are you sure. That move is one of the easiest crossups in the game. Also, getting sent with TK’ed short Drills is easiest person to do it on maybe other than BH because of their height.

no no no, her j.fierce does cross him up but what I was talking about is that people usually fly with him and when you hit sent with a j.fierce WHEN HE IS FLYING he will get hit but you cant combo after cause he is in the air, and after he gets hit all he does is fly again. I mean her j.fierce is good against him but it wont STOP him from doing anything. Yea also the drill works too but sometimes my opponents just fly higher and rocket punch or kick me. Tron works against sent but sent has the upper hand.

Storm can dash up c.hp Cable’s assist if it’s something like capcom. UPback to block if he flinches. If you get good at SJ canceling her s.hp you can take out Doom, too.

Tron can’t really do much safely, but if you wanna take a small risk, you can TK drill or you can King Kobun. King Kobun starts faster than it looks like.


ok this sounds super scrubbish, but I was playing against Tron (computer) and they did her drill on me and it did like 36 hits. Is there a special trick to get more hits? I mean I tried mashing but it didnt seem to do much.

people should start respecting tron’s throw assist. And as far I see it, you can’t possibly tech throws from assist.

First its unblockable
Second it sets up so many super, and possibly helps add to reset damage
Third she comes out faster with her throw assist than with her projectile and way faster than zangief’s ground. Her throw assist is like the anti-air’s of psylocke
Fourth it definitely sets up air combo for people with horrible launcher (B. B. Hood).

Universal use of tron’s throw assist (air combos). Everybody can use tron’s throw assist to get possible unblockable air combos.

Great super to use after tron’s throw assist:
blackheart’s armageddon: 50 percent life or more on normal stamina character
b.b. hood’s cruel hunting
strider’s orbs, legions
strom’s lightin storm, hail storm
cyclop’s sob
marrow’s homing bone super
morrigan’s soul illusion, i think even soul eraser
chun li’s super fireball
Felicia’s please help me super
psylocke’s butterfly
sakura’s hurricane super, anti-air shinku hadouken
son son’s staff super

Her throw assist is also great to set up instant dhc.
For example, on connection of her throw assist, do dr doom’s sphere of flame super, then dhc into hail storm.

There are other type of throw assist, rogue’s kiss, zangief’s ground, all of them have their own use.

Im lousy at assists. Do any of you know a good team and any good moves? :frowning:

Ok, this has sorta to do with assists but not really. But it will give this thread some new life.

with Tron/Sent-G:

crossup j. fierce + Sent-G, s. jab, s. strong/Sent-G connects xx jab Kobun Hold (have to cancel the jab KH off the 1st hit of the s. strong), crossup fierce, s. jab, s. strong xx Lunch Rush. 70% damage. Too good.

I guess the relevance to this thread is the fact that you protect your assist by crossing them up. LOL! YES! :cool:

crossing up your own assist? or use them to crossup? hehe, i’m confus’ed :stuck_out_tongue:

but yea extending combos, GB(perhaps), chip(usually used in trapping), zone, keepaway(to counter, thats what AAA are for) and mind games(mainly baiting) are main reason of useing an assist for. it’s kinda a given as to how you should protect your assist pending on what your doing and who you’re useing. know the full properties of your assist and be sure that it’ll be safe when it’s finished it’s purpose; you can protect it or if it’s to extend combo be sure the length of its extension is rather a long one so try to shove a super in there or infinit.