MvC2 Assist Types

I’m creating a little reference for assist types, what they do, and what they offer in terms of offensive and defensive play. This will take some time as I don’t play the game too often, but I will tackle it surely. This reference is a side project of something else that I am working on in another thread I created. Also, this will be somewhat helpful in the thread made by Hustleman as well.

In offensive play, what makes an assist useful?
-the assist does good damage
-the assist sets up for ideal combos
-the assist forces the opponent into block stun for a decent amount of time
-the assist does good chip damage on block

In defensive play, what makes an assist useful?

-the assist creates space between the character and opponent
-the assist has invincible and/or high priority frames
-the assist takes up a good portion of the screen

Both in offense/defense, an assist that attacks quickly is ideal.

*there are some wacky assists that offer a different type of help to the point, but they will be mentioned when they come up.


Projectile- Akuma does his hp gou hadou. can wave dash behind or in front of for a bit or as a miniscule cross up starter… 14pts (1hit on block for 1pt)

Anti-air- decent. Akuma does his hp gou shouryuu for 3hits to knock the opponent up and offscreen… 24pts (2hits on block for 3pts)

Expansion- Akuma does his hk tatsumaki zankuu kyaku for 5hits…good block stun… 23pts (5 hits on block for 5pts)


Heal- Amingo drops a fruit that allows the point to recover some red health

Enhance- Amingo drops fruit that ups the point’s defense allowing them to receive only 50% the damage they would have received otherwise

Balance- Amingo does his hp Kaze no Sakebi…sucks that he starts all the way at the beginning of the screen nearest your point character…24pts (1pt chip per hit…max 7pts)

Thanks judge this is going to come in very handy!! Keep up the great work, peace :slight_smile:

^lol. Slowly, but surely. I’m trying to coincide entries here with releases of the Basic Combo thing I’m doing for characters.


Ground- Anak does his b,f+HP snake arm technique for 1 hit…18pts (1 hit on block for 2pts)

Throw- Anak performs his qcf+P grab…can hit opponent as they fall or OTG; rollable… 22pts (unblockable if opp is standing and not in hit/guard-stun)

Variety- Anak does his d,d+LK coffin drop for 1 hit… 20pts (1 hit on block for 2pts)