MvC2 At Evo 2011

Money matches! Side tournaments! Long sets!

What’s going down this year?


Keep in mind, money matches are not allowed and neither is talk of them. I do believe rules on 2 men tournaments are somewhat fuzzy though.


Also MvC2 is pretty much dead outside of Regency Fun Center so I’m pretty sure you’ll find more of what you are looking for at RFC than at EVO.

This new comer at evo! lol
Ya, you can’t talk about MMs on the forums. You can run tournaments, set the entry fee and cap it at 2. Or post up that you will play for honor points. But ya, directly asking for MMs is illegal in Vegas so SRK doesn’t want to get in trouble.

But talk to me about mvc3 khaos! Dump that game

I do not approve of this message!

Enjoying the X-Factor? If I make it. I’ll be glad to participate side tournament.

Better change that avatar then.

Hey if people are willing to enter I would like to run a mvc2 side tournament, i can bring my ps3 and laptop with TIO on it. Only condition is… I wanna record some matches ^^

shiro! Team Canada coming! Is xmvsf coming?