MvC2 at Final Round

It’s there, and if you’re a true fan, you’ll do what it takes to get there.

I ain’t a fan nigga IM A PLAYER >:(

Then be there!

will you?

Yup! My first MvC2 tournament was SBA, but this one looks to be bigger and better!

Source? Link? More info?

facebook group


so far KHAOS is confirmed to be coming along with codigo, godlike mexican cable player. I believe Xecutioner is going too? anyways, going to be hype. It’s rumored that Yipes said he would play only if there was big money involved. we’ll see

Funny that you posted this cause I just seen a trailer last night about Final Round on Sp00ky Twitch channel. Good look though.

update, KHAOS is not coming. Neo will take all challengers in MMs and rumor has it he may be practicing this game on the low? Chunksta may come. Josh360 may come. Desmond Xecutioner is coming. PELOS from Mexico is coming along with other mexico killers. It looks like it is going to be a really good side tournament!


arrived here this morning, hype!

GL dude

Who won between J360 and Neo?

Neo won 10-8

Video footage?

Links were in other threads.

scroll down to recent uploads
Chunksta vs VDO is up too

Thanks for the links, I thought I was subscribed to that channel dunno what happened.