MvC2 at Regency Fun Center: The Real Marvel vs Capcom



Also Lenin, you should have named the thread with a witty name after the title. Like, MVC @ at Regency FUn Center, Home of Ray “You got so fucking lucky” Ramos.


Yo thanks dander for making this thread, regency needed it imo. If you really want to start playing marvel, then just ask me questions when I see you and I’ll tell you what I know. Maybe you can teach me some shit in 3s.

Also to add to what clock said, people are under the impression that regency sticks suck. It hasnt been like that in a while now, especially since Roberts cousins works there. They usually fix whatever problems your having within a few minutes after telling them.


anyone got an address to regency or some good directions from SD. Clock you would probably know


805 N
405 N
605 N
exit Carson go alllllll the way down. (left)

There’s a faster way just taking the 405 the whole time…but iono.


u take the 605 Chris?

should take 805N
exit Cherry East? (the 2nd Cherry Exit, not the first one)
take a right, and go straight until you see LUCKY STAR BURGERS, take a right, and Regency should be on the right.


Here’s the address if you wanna rock with your own custom MapQuest directions.

Regency Fun Center
2440 E. Carson
Lakewood CA, 90712


Thx to all who posted directions. Chris if we stop by regency sometime you can roll. Don FTW! :rofl:


The only time I go to Regency is when I’m up at my dad’s house, and that’s over in Cerritos right off of the 605, I take just take side street there which is why I only know how from the 605.

Though I haven’t been lately, since I’ve been up in Tekken…I only really go to Super Arcade.


I think I might show up next friday…

what time are people usually there??


your welcome.:bgrin:


People show early. Around 5pm-9pm. Don’t really stay too late. Might be different if new faces start to show. Shortterm is always looking for new people to beast on. He is past bored of raping me and Dorean.


Actually, what are people doing this monday??? Is regency open, I might roll…


They are open everyday. I will try to make it.


Get some sleep bitch


Anyone going to be there tomorrow? Shit…I’ll go today if my car makes it out of the shop before 5pm.

Any Regency regulars want to MM?


^^ I can’t make it today (others might be there tho), most likely tomorrow but I’m not sure yet.

Also, I’ll try to make it on monday, I’ll see whats up.


I should be there today and tomorrow. I am down for a few MM’s. I should be there from 4-8ish. If people dont show, im gonna bounce. Clock, you coming?

Update: Dorean, best IM in town, will be there at 6.


yea im coming for sure, dont bounce



I’m leaving right now, I’m coming from San Bernardino and I still have to go run an errand in Lakewood so try to chill for a bit, thanks.


too bad none of you got any good wins on me

clock I still got you down BO-EEEEEEEE