MvC2 at Regency Fun Center: The Real Marvel vs Capcom


your welcome.:bgrin:


People show early. Around 5pm-9pm. Don’t really stay too late. Might be different if new faces start to show. Shortterm is always looking for new people to beast on. He is past bored of raping me and Dorean.


Actually, what are people doing this monday??? Is regency open, I might roll…


They are open everyday. I will try to make it.


Get some sleep bitch


Anyone going to be there tomorrow? Shit…I’ll go today if my car makes it out of the shop before 5pm.

Any Regency regulars want to MM?


^^ I can’t make it today (others might be there tho), most likely tomorrow but I’m not sure yet.

Also, I’ll try to make it on monday, I’ll see whats up.


I should be there today and tomorrow. I am down for a few MM’s. I should be there from 4-8ish. If people dont show, im gonna bounce. Clock, you coming?

Update: Dorean, best IM in town, will be there at 6.


yea im coming for sure, dont bounce



I’m leaving right now, I’m coming from San Bernardino and I still have to go run an errand in Lakewood so try to chill for a bit, thanks.


too bad none of you got any good wins on me

clock I still got you down BO-EEEEEEEE



Sorry I got there so late, I was pretty wasted on the way there and ended up missing the exit and driving down to the 110 before I realized I had passed it up haha…

Did I play you guy? I only played a few times since I left 20 min after I got there I would of stayed longer but I had stuff to do. I only played an okay msp, a decent santhrax, and some scrub playing strider =p J/K Clock, I’ll see you at Cal Poly. GG’s everyone.


If you were the asian dude with the hat.

No…I started playing 3s after clock and rob started giving it up easy.

Calling Rob and Dorian okay players is an understatement because they seemed to be holding it down real fucking well.

no joke.


i heard that the regency players are the best in so cal


dude you don’t know the half of it.

We can almost do the Sent unblockable on an incoming psylocke here.

its crazy cool



But no wrong guy and I played 3s too, if you were the guy playing Makoto, GG’s.



DarkMage, I was the one using santhrax. It seemed like you were struggling a bit with the sticks.


Actually they are 10x better than they were last time I came which was sometime in 05’. I was just drunk really, hopefully we can get those MM’s next time =)


For sure. Just ask me whenever you see me.


I was using makoto.

my char. is alex though, you could prolly see that but yeah.

good games to you sir. I need to up my marvel game a lot cause you guys seem to be catching up to me.