mvc2 av request.


Can someone make me an av with doom and cyclops in there taunting poses on the right side ( cyclops should be in his assist 2 costume ) and this morrigan sprite on the far left.

IF possible can someone change morrigans hair color in that sprite to purple and her clothes to red, and liliths hair to green/blue and her blothes to pink? only if its possible…if not then thats ok i guess…anyway thanks again.


I’ll do it. Check back here tonight.


as in this morning tonight? or as in 11pm tonight? either one is good :slight_smile: btw thanks.


Sorry for the delay, I didn’t manage to get to my comp. I’ll have it ready later today.








Finally yo!

Check it out, playa! Sorry for the delay. I’m new at this – so please let me know what you think. If you want anything changed, just let me know.


Wo0o0oW:eek: sick AV ! great work! the only thing i would want changed is cyclops’s costume to be like it is in mvc2…when you press assist 2…his suit and hair are green…but besides that everything is prefect…great work yo.


:slight_smile: Cool, I’m glad you like it.

Sure, I’ll change Cyclops’ colors. Hmm, I thought you got the gray Cyclops with assist 2; I guess I’m just not remembering right.


also could you make one last change? instead of doom and cyclops could you put these 2 doing there winning stance on the right side instead? thanks again on the awesome job you did.


Here’s the updated version.


yay. thx. u r teh best.


Opps, I guess I missed a few little errors (those white dots.) I’ll fix it and repost it later today. I can’t do it right now 'cause I don’t have photoshop on this comp.


o00o i see em too hehe. ill use the 1st one til this one gets cleaned up. thanks again.


fixed and tested


yay. thanks.:slight_smile: