MvC2 Basic Combo & Damage Encyc: Cyclops

*combos performed on 100% stamina character (Cable)
**one combo to show a basic ground connect, and one combo to show a basic air connect if possible
***Cyclops has a variety of other ways–with some being stronger–to connect most of his moves besides those presented…a very user-friendly character


Special Moves

Optic Blast
10pts (will sometimes hit 2x for 20points, so still 10/hit)
1) s.lp,,, xx OB (lp) 43pts (perfect distance for 2x hit w/ OB)
2) s.lp,, sj xx OB 21pts

Rising Uppercut (Gene Splice)
w/o mash: 16pts; mashed: lp = 21pts, hp = 26pts
1) s.lp xx RU (hp w/ mash) **29pts **

Cyclone Kick
1) s.lp xx CK 24pts

Optic Sweep
1) s.lp,,, xx OS 39pts

Throw & Beam

Running Neck Breaker Drop

Rapid Punch
w/o mash: 12pts; mashed: 40pts
1) j.lp (start charging back),, s.lp xx RP (mashed) **43pts **

Hyper Combos

Mega Optic Blast
w/o mash: 45pts; mashed: 54pts
1) s.lp,, xx OB (lp) xx MOB (mashed) **71pts **
2) s.lp, xx RU (hp) and on 1st hit xx MOB (mshd) 64pts

Super Optic Blast
w/o mash: 51pts; mashed: 58pts
1) s.lp,,, xx SOB (mshd) 65pts
2) s.lp, xx RU (hp mshd) and and on last punch xx SOB (mshd) 59pts